A New Generation – Passions Misplaced?

ImageWinter, or rather late autumn, is coming and with it a new gaming generation in the form of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Ardent fans on both sides will be sharpening their arguments and will be ready to meet on a First World War trench warfare style battlefield of gamers, where many have fallen to the arguments fired by the other side, while others have been torn asunder by friendly fire, and are left to rot and decay in the no man’s land of gaming sensibility.

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The Liebster Award

liebsterawardOk, no pun titles this time as for the first time in my site’s history, this is not a review. Shock! Horror! Blasphemy! Yes, I know it’s a shock, but I’m actually a little touched that I got nominated for anything. A huge thank you goes to Drakulus for nominating me. Though I have only been on the site for four months, and admittedly my posting has been a bit sporadic and since I post longer reviews which results in less blogs coming out than other sites, I thank you for putting up with me and my writing style. Also, and I know I’m spending a lot of time thanking people but bear with me, this is the last one, thank you WordPress community. You are awesome and when I advertise my articles, you all come and have a look, even when I write something completely contrary to what you think about something.

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The Wipers Times – At The Front Line of Excellence

ImageAs a student of history, I often get a high out of historical films, but then again I can also get incredibly annoyed when people automatically assume that I’ll like any and all historical films available to me. The same with books. Just because it’s got a bit of history to it doesn’t necessarily guarantee I’ll like the damn thing. But then the TV film on BBC 2 called The Wipers Times come around and damn it for being so damn good.

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Far Cry 3 – A Far Cry from Greatness

So whilst venturing the internet as we all so regularly do nowadays, I came across the news that Far Cry 3 director, Patrick Plourde, is creating a new RPG game with Ubisoft based around the premise of that time long honoured traditions of games – a princess- called Child of Light. However this princess is the playable character and not some convenient damsel in distress for plumbers to rescue.

The Princess, Aurora, is a girl (shocks there) who falls ill and her soul is transported to the magical kingdom of Lemuria. ImageThere the Black Queen has stolen the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, which in my mind sounds like a band releasing their first single, and Aurora (yes, if you realised it there is a lot of celestial stuff going on with names and plots) must find the missing light sources, defeat the Black Queen (from reaching No.1) and save Lemuria.

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Deadlight – Guess What? Zombies… Again

ImageSo yeah, here we go with another zombie game. I sometimes get the feeling that games studios just have huge meeting where they try to create something wonderful and completely imaginative on the Monday, but by late Friday afternoon they just don’t care anymore. They’ve run out of jokes by Tuesday, coffee by Wednesday, someone’s thrown a chair at someone by Thursday, and by Friday everyone in the room have their heads slumped on the desks in despair at their un-creativity, much like me with this analogy.

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