A New Generation – Passions Misplaced?

ImageWinter, or rather late autumn, is coming and with it a new gaming generation in the form of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Ardent fans on both sides will be sharpening their arguments and will be ready to meet on a First World War trench warfare style battlefield of gamers, where many have fallen to the arguments fired by the other side, while others have been torn asunder by friendly fire, and are left to rot and decay in the no man’s land of gaming sensibility.

However one questions pops into the mind of a neutral and, though asking this question has meant the loss of many well-meaning souls, it is a question that needs to be asked. Does this entire argument really matter? Are they not the same thing under a different brand? And what about other gaming forms like the Wii U?… actually, scrap that, but the point remains valid.

It appears that for those who buy a PS4 or an Xbox One for specific games that come only to those consoles, there is no argument that you can make to dissuade them from buying those consoles. It would be like explaining to a creationist what fossils actually are. It’s a nonstarter. However, for those who look at both consoles with an open mind, it can be difficult to decide between the consoles.

Admittedly, Xbox is still somewhat reeling from their original being labelled as the “Xbox 180”, but after doing so, they have started to reclaim their support base. Lots of things can be analysed in this: the controllers, the graphics core, the design of the console, and the biggest one for those with tight purse strings, the price. But in the end, none of this will matter.

ImageWhile PS4 and Xbox have slightly different ideas about the direction their consoles are heading, I don’t think it will become too great of an issue yet. Gamers love not just the consoles as an item, but rather the experiences they have experienced because of them. Every Xbox and PlayStation has been unique to their respective owners and people will dig in and defend their console choice until their last breathe. On the outside looking in, it looks ridiculous. But from within, it is mainly camaraderie and good will. That and some morons who take everything way too seriously, but isn’t that always there in life?

Sorry for the shortness of the article, but hopefully it’ll get you thinking and get you looking forward to November because, in the end, no matter what side you are on or not on, aren’t we all looking forward a bit to see what this new generation can create? I’m hoping at least one of these consoles revisits Conker’s Bad Fur Day, but I’m also looking forward to some newer stuff as well. So what are your thoughts on the upcoming new generation? Comment below so you can let me know and please like and follow to see more of my stuff when I get round to putting it up!

13 thoughts on “A New Generation – Passions Misplaced?

  1. drakulus23

    I wrote two articles about this topic already, I actually got some hate mail because I said i’m getting the Wii U first. I’m in no rush to get a “next gen” console because my rig is already leagues ahead of these consoles anyway and every game that I want is coming out for the PC anyway. Next year i’m getting a Xbox One, mainly for Killer Instinct.


    1. I probably won’t get it straight away, but I’m still looking forward to what a new generation will bring. I’m getting the PS4, not because I hate the Xbox One, but because I’ve always had a PlayStation and love so many games exclusive to that console. Not a huge fan of the Wii U, to me it looks like they decided to make a larger GameBoy Advance the controller for a console.


      1. drakulus23

        I’m mainly getting a Wii U for my wife and kids. I’m not saying I won’t ever play it but that’s what i’m getting it for. I’ve never really liked any Playstation games growing up. I was more of a Nintendo guy until the 360 came out.


      2. That’s fair enough. It appeals for a more family based demographic anyway. For me, aside from Nintendo handheld games, I only ever had PlayStation consoles so it’s always been a no-brainer for me. Besides, it had loads of games I loved on it, i.e.: Ratchet and Clank, Croc, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and all the newer ones coming around now.


  2. discodracula111

    Nice article dude! If you’re looking for a new Conker game Microsoft is almost certainly you’re only hope as they own Rare, which is the lamest thing ever as all they are making these days is crappy Kinect games. Maybe one day, let’s remain hopeful!


  3. Drakulas, how could you not ever have liked crash bandicoot! Virtual friendship over!

    No seriously dude, nice article and thanks for the follow. I’m with you 100%, i love the games on the playstation and have always grown up with that console. Games are cool and i want it for that but in a nutshell i honestly don’t care which console can do what because they both next gen and both have their games. I’m looking forward to the new technology that can be created with these excellent tools. Take it easy


  4. theotakujudge

    The mud slinging between fans is now going at full force. I’ll eventually get a PS4 as I like the JRPGs that only appear there. Shooters are not my thing so Halo/Gears of War isn’t a selling point for me. For now though I’ll stick to my PS3 as none of the launch titles are must buys. Heck I’ll still be using the PS3 in over a year’s time as Persona 5 is getting released for it.


    1. I may be in the same camp as you my friend. I’ll probably wait until 2014 before I get a PS4, should I get one so early, but I’ll probably get a PS4 because, as you said, there are games on there that I want, i.e.: Ratchet and Clank. Though I do like the look of the JRPG Child of Light so I might get that, as well as the new Abe’s Oddysee.


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