Hiatus – We’ll Meet Again

Hello to my small audience! I’d just like to take a moment to that everyone who reads my blog. Also, a special thanks to those fantastic few who leave a comment and and an even bigger thanks to all those absolutely awesome people who follow my blog! Thank you all!

However, I’m going to have to leave you all for a time. What with it being my final year of University, and having to do a Dissertation, essays, and exams, I don’t think I can keep posting regularly enough to make it worth while, so I’m taking a break for a while.

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Our Children Are Colourblind (and we should ABSOLUTELY try to keep them that way).

A friend of mine posted this blog the other day and I think you should all have a read of it. And follow her, she puts some brilliant posts on her blog.

Fatshion Hustlings

Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I’ll be watching YouTube videos and eventually gravitate towards some of my old favourites. This evening/early morning, it was the React videos, by the Fine Bros. After watching YouTubers react to Best Song Ever, Teens React to Blurred Lines and Kids React to The Beatles, I got to Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial.

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The Picture of Dorian Gray – Making Everyone Frightened of Getting A Self-Portrait

As promised last week, here is the first in a two-part review on things to do with Oscar Wilde. I know no-one asked for it but sod it, if no-one asks me to review stuff then I’ll just keep putting stuff on that I’m want to do rather than being told to do. But enough moaning about you, let’s get onto one the books that we all know the general plot of but probably have not read.

I must apologise for the brevity of the plot summary that I’m about to give, but seeing as how many of those who will come across this article will have read the novel, or least have a grasp of the basic plot, I don’t want to bore you by treading on worn ground. And for those who have not read the novel, I apologise for not doing the summary justice to the novel and thoroughly encourage you to read it. But, I’ll take my fan boy hat off for my reviewer’s top hat (appropriate for the ear) so let’s get down to business on Oscar Wilde’s one and only novel: The Picture of Dorian Gray. Continue reading “The Picture of Dorian Gray – Making Everyone Frightened of Getting A Self-Portrait”

Just a Little Bit of News

Hello there people who skim read my blog! Just to tell all you lovely people that I now have a Facebook like page so if you want to see what I’ve posted, want to give me suggestions on what to review, or just to say hi to me, then please have a look at my page! Thanks to all those who’ve read and follow me and please spread the word of the Chronic Chronicler so that many more may bask in my mediocre critiques!


Norwegian Wood – Quintessential Quirkiness

norwegian-woodHaving thought this would be the mainstay of my blogging material, it is weird to think that my blog has been around for five months now, and this will be my first literary review. I guess what we end up writing about is sort of beyond our control and while I love doing my film, game, and occasional random article about what’s happening with me in my life, it’ has been bugging me that I haven’t done a review on a decent book yet. But now I’m breaking that trend and I’m finally reviewing a book, a book I had no intention of being the first book I reviewed, but what do you know, life changed what I would write about again.

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About Time – Groundhog Day Revisited?


No. No no no no no no no no. I said I wasn’t going to do a pun on the title in my last article and I’m sticking to my guns. When a film title like this comes round, it seems that most reviewers salivate so much that they could flood their rooms and turn it into a swimming pool at the opportunity to make an awful pun on what is a well-meaning title. Well bugger that ship and all those who sail in it and I hope they die a deeply ironic death that others may use for awful puns. And after that lovely use of imagery, time for the review.

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