Sonic the Hedgehog – Retro Repetition

Sth_Mobile_2After playing the atrociousness that is Sonic and the Black Knight I thought that Sonic was dead to me. I had given him a chance and Sonic had used that chance shoot himself through the temple and fall with a splat right into his own coffin which was also on fire. But now, after the dust has settled and most of my memories of sheer aggravation are no longer at the forefront of my every thought, I have decided to give Sonic another chance. Continue reading “Sonic the Hedgehog – Retro Repetition”


No-English Moviember 2015 – The Sequel!

part-II-Well it’s back… almost. That’s right; nearly an entire year has gone by for films that do not conform to the English language but now is the time to announce that No-English Moviember will be making a stunning comeback!   Continue reading “No-English Moviember 2015 – The Sequel!”