Wimbledon – When Below Par is Actually Good

ImageAs it is that time again when strawberries and cream start to sell out and the weather becomes peculiarly, almost eerily, nice for Britain, one must conclude that Wimbledon is upon us once again and now BBC1 and BBC2 will be shoving Wimbledon down our throats for the next two weeks. While tennis for me is about as exciting as a fungal infection, I will say it is a damn side better than Formula 1, Cricket and Golf, all of which would induce a severe brain haemorrhage. However a film about tennis promised to be far more exhilarating than actual tennis itself, so I decided to review the 2004 film Wimbledon, which wins the prize for “World’s Most No-Nonsense Title”.

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Man of Steel – Over-Hyped and Underwhelming

ImageThough we don’t really need the obligatory overview for a Superman movie, it appears to be necessary in a review so I shall do it as briefly as possible. Man of Steel centres on the creation of Superman (Henry Cavill) and his struggle to remain hidden from a world which he fears may not accept him, whilst coming to terms with his powers and Kryptonian heritage. The main force of the film however centres on Superman’s battle with the rouge Kryptonian General Zod (Michael Shannon) and his aim of recreating the Kryptonian race after their home planet Krypton has been destroyed.

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The Purge: Brilliance Just Out of Reach

poster1The Purge is set in the not too distant future in America where, under the “New Founding Fathers”, for 12 hours between June 7th and June 8th, all laws are suspended and all help withheld, allowing everyone the opportunity to purge their negative emotions on one day with the goal being that of maintaining low unemployment and crime levels throughout the rest of the year.

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