No-English Moviember 2015 – The Sequel!

part-II-Well it’s back… almost. That’s right; nearly an entire year has gone by for films that do not conform to the English language but now is the time to announce that No-English Moviember will be making a stunning comeback!  In case you don’t know what this is or have just expunged it from your mind like you would an embarrassing incident from your childhood, last year I decided to give films that eschewed the English language a spot in the limelight and, somehow, this seems to have been generally well-received.

So like last year I shall be reviewing foreign language films for No-English November (or NEM if you want to keep it short and start an incredibly bad hashtag campaign that never got off the ground). Once again I shall be posting on Monday and, since the stars have aligned in such a way, I’ll be doing a magical five; yes you read right FIVE reviews for every week in Monday.

I know you are recovering from the shock of me actually promising to post something, let alone promise to post so much in one month unlike my usual lazy and sporadic posting schedule, but I have something else to say.

You may be wondering why I’m posting this announcement so soon before November (if you aren’t, I’ll give you a moment to think about it. If you have and thought I’m doing it for forward planning then you are clearly new to my blog!). Well the reason is that I want to flood my blog with posts on non-English films and my effort of five reviews will not be enough.

Last year I asked for suggestions for films to reviews and was blessed with some cinematic gold, with Intouchables (as suggested by the wonderful Writer Loves Movies) and Jagten (suggested by the equally wonderful The Animation Commendation) both of which are now some of my favourite films of all time. While I am still calling for recommendations, which I won’t be putting a complete list of my films out until mid-October so that I can incorporate what you want to see me review rather than me just writing what I want to review, I want to expand No-English Moviember this year.

That’s why I’m calling on you.

As much as I love writing (and yes I do before anyone starts that argument) I can only do so much as I have work and other writing commitments to attend to. So that’s why I’m calling out on you, my lovely readership. You can post both suggestions for me and for yourself in the comments below or through my email:

All articles will have to sent to me at the email above by the 31st October in order to give you an arbitrary sense of a deadline. I’ll look over everything that gets sent to me and will tell you whether I can use it (who knows, I may get some people suggesting the same film) and when it will be published so you can tell all your friends to check out your cool article so that everyone can love you, ‘cause that’s how it works. I really hope you all like this idea and don’t worry blogger or not blogger; you will get full accreditation for your work unless for some reason you do not wish to be credited.

I hope you are looking forward to No-English Moviember (NEM), I certainly am! Please comment below what you’d like to see from me or what you’d like to contribute! If that doesn’t float your boat please feel free to email me, comment on my Facebook page or tweet me! Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “No-English Moviember 2015 – The Sequel!

    1. I have got a couple in mind, but if you have any suggestions I’d be open to them. But (if you can and want to) you could do this blog the magnificent honour of reviewing an anime movie. I think it’d be really cool and I’d hype you so much! No pressure by the way. 🙂

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      1. The Otaku Judge

        Cool, I look forward to seeing what movies you cover. If you want to reblog/copy one of my anime movie reviews for the feature you have my consent.


      2. I look forward to your approval/harsh criticism of my work. That would be brilliant but (not to sound naggy or anything) I would prefer an original review over a copy of a previously done one. If its all you can manage that’s fine but I think it would be better to have something new so people can look at that article and go on to look at your awesome stuff without having to go through a repeat. Feel free to disregard everything I’ve said though if you are unable to do it. 🙂

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