My Little Bit of Christmas Commercialism

Hello there! Just a quick post to wish all those who celebrate the season a very merry Christmas indeed! And to all those who don’t celebrate this particular season, I wish you all the best for your individual celebrations of all shape, sizes and sorts!

Just like to say if you want to see a Christmas related review, then please go and check out my Joyeux Noël – Let Us Never Forget review. I’m quite pleased with it, but feel free to applaud and disagree as you feel necessary. Also, if you like my article, or any other of my articles, please don’t be afraid to press the like button! It won’t send a deadly virus to bring you to an untimely and gruesome end involving pus and pencils. It’ll just tell me that you liked what you read! Also, don’t forget to follow and, of you feel so inclined, to hare around my works with people you know!

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Joyeux Noël – Let Us Never Forget

As a British person, I have grown up with the tradition of Remembrance. Every year, since 1919 on the second Sunday of November, the closest Sunday to the 11th November (Armistice Day) we hold Remembrance Sunday. On this day we remember those who gave their lives in times of war. It is a very sombre occasion with two minute’s silence being held. It’s a sad and beautiful affair.


However while remembering the dead of those who fought is a practice I shall hold no quarrel with, I somehow think we forget those who did not fight. For those who came together upon Christmas time and walked across the corpse and shell littered no man’s land to shake hands, share stories and leave aside animosity to be together at a time of merriment. The occasion I am talking of, of course, is the Christmas truce of 1914, and this has been captured superbly by the French film, Joyeux Noël.

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The Last, Final, Final and Last Sunshine Award!

Hello there! Well it’s finally come to an end. My trilogy of awards are finally coming to an end with this Sunshine Award bestowed upon me by the greatly generous and brilliant blog invaderc8. In-keeping with the tradition of blog awards, I shall once again be nominating 10 lovely blogs who deserve to be read and followed, as well as giving 10 facts about my good self which I know you are all so interested in (subtle sarcasm there).sunshine-award

I know the Sunshine Blog is meant to be award to those who encourage me to blog, but I will try and award it to those who not only encourage
me, but also those which are a delight to read.

  1. Drakulus
  2. Films and Things
  3. The Bookshelf of Emily J.
  4. After Dark Gaming
  5. The Popcorn Muncher
  6. Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews
  7. 1001-UP.COM
  8. The Rhodes Review
  9. An Empire of Words
  10. Late Night Comic

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You Are My Sunshine Award!

So it has come to pass that I shall be writing on my second award nomination out of my three, this time from the wonderful Drakulus. Thank you again Drakulus for nominating me for this award and I wholeheartedly endorse all those who read this blog to venture on your blogging quest or idle procrastinating distraction and look upon Drakulus’ blog. But I digress, for it is now that time again for me to nominate blogs and give you more facts sunshine-awardabout myself!

  1. The Omniscient Umlaut
  2. Screen Goblin
  3. V
  4. Random Havok
  5. Jon Negroni
  6. Jordan and Eddie
  7. r8w7
  8. Fast Forward Film Reviews
  9. Classicritique
  10. Interesting Literature

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