The Last, Final, Final and Last Sunshine Award!

Hello there! Well it’s finally come to an end. My trilogy of awards are finally coming to an end with this Sunshine Award bestowed upon me by the greatly generous and brilliant blog invaderc8. In-keeping with the tradition of blog awards, I shall once again be nominating 10 lovely blogs who deserve to be read and followed, as well as giving 10 facts about my good self which I know you are all so interested in (subtle sarcasm there).sunshine-award

I know the Sunshine Blog is meant to be award to those who encourage me to blog, but I will try and award it to those who not only encourage
me, but also those which are a delight to read.

  1. Drakulus
  2. Films and Things
  3. The Bookshelf of Emily J.
  4. After Dark Gaming
  5. The Popcorn Muncher
  6. Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews
  7. 1001-UP.COM
  8. The Rhodes Review
  9. An Empire of Words
  10. Late Night Comic

Well with all those lovely people nominated and I encourage you all to read, follow, comment and have lengthy conversation both agreeing and violently disagreeing with one another, it is now time for 10 facts. I must admit I am running out of interesting facts, but I shall endeavor to do my best!

  1. I am a middle child of two middle child parents. I thought that might give you some sort of middle child super power. It doesn’t.
  2. The first film I remember seeing at the cinema was A Bug’s Life and thus began my life long love affair with Pixar films.
  3. After seeing a friend have a large party after her Holy Communion, I decided to have my own Holy Communion so I could get my own party. It took over a year of church going, my Confession and being an Alter Boy in a Catholic Church before I got my Holy Communion Party. It was worth it party wise, but religion didn’t stick.
  4. The only Roald Dahl story I have actually read all the way through is The Enormous Crocodile.
  5. I once won five euros from a twenty-something year old man when I was around eight on a bet made on an “Guess what this is” (a little bit like “Who’s that Pokemon?”) advert on Cartoon Network.
  6. I was once gaffer taped to a wall in my cellar by my brothers and left there in the dark.
  7. I have never been completely drunk to the point of total inebriation and vomiting, though I have been drunk enough to be taken home in a taxi before a proper night out had begun.
  8. In 2012, I went to see my first stand up comedian at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I saw Al Murray: The Pub Landlord. It was also my first time ever in Scotland.
  9. I have always wanted to write a novel or a set of short stories yet find myself unable to do so. I have set myself the challenge of doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) next year.
  10. When I was younger, I had to have my ears tested to see if I could hear properly. I can, it’s just that I don’t listen or what I, and my parents refer to as, “Selective Hearing”.

Well that’s all the fact that you are getting from me this time! I’d like to say a huge thank you once again to invaderc8 for nominating me and I urge you all to check out his blog. I shall be uploading my Christmas film review before returning back to hiatus mode again where I fear I shall remain until further notice. Please feel free to follow my blog, like, share and comment on my posts and don’t forget to like that Facebook page! Also if you want me to review something, just post it here or on the Facebook page and I’ll see what I can do. Until next time!

10 thoughts on “The Last, Final, Final and Last Sunshine Award!

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  2. The Otaku Judge

    Congratulations on the award. A Bug’s Life was your first cinema movie? Mine was Ninja Turtles, which was pretty cool… the sequel with Vanilla Ice sucked though haha.


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