Dragonball Evolution – Devolved, Dreadful, Don’t Wish Back

ImageOk, so from the title you can guess at least one thing, I hate this film. Not that I’m the only one as many, many people hate this film with as much passion as I do. As a lover of the Dragon Ball franchise (apart from Dragon Ball GT, seriously, that was crap), I was utterly perplexed by this film and, because of the overwhelming bad press about this film, refused to watch something I hold so dear to me bastardised in such a manner. However, to criticise from an ignorant standpoint is not really criticising at all and so, seeing it was on Film 4, I recorded it, watched it, let in all seep into every crevice of my mind, and now I shall share with the internet what I thought of James Wong’s adaptation of the manga and anime great that is Dragon Ball. But first, the overview.

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The Sweeney – Criminally Crap

I had been planning to do this review for a little while, having seen the film a few weeks ago, but I’ve been spurred into actually doing it when I saw a review by Eddie on Jordan and Eddie, a WordPress film reviewing page which I suggest you have a look at, and even follow if you think it’s good enough, which it Imageis: http://jordanandeddie.wordpress.com/. Eddie however made a tiny fault. He thought the film was good. Now I’m going to put the record straight with my own review which I hope will show Eddie the error of his ways and show the rest of those who stumble upon this blog why The Sweeney is not just bad, but a terrible film.

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The World’s End – Unsatisfying End of the Cone, or Ice-Cream Perfection?

ImageAnother review I was meant to have done weeks ago, like Pacific Rim, but I’m doing it now so please take some time to read what I have to say on this film, despite the fact you’ve probably seen the film and read and watched a lot of reviews that are around by now. Unless you’ve not seen the film, not looked at any reviews or have only just realised The World’s End is out, but can’t be bothered to see the film to form your own opinion, here is my take on the final part of the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy that is The World’s End.

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Pacific Rim – A Review I Should Have Done Weeks Ago

Pacific-Rim-Visor-PosterSo yeah….. Pacific Rim. Honestly, I almost decided not to do this review seeing as how it has been so many weeks after I saw it and there are so many other reviews out there which will probably say what I am about to write anyway, not that I would know, seeing as how I have not looked at any reviews of Pacific Rim. Seriously, I banned myself from watching and reading reviews of Pacific Rim just so what I write about Pacific Rim is not influenced by other people’s perspectives on the film.

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