50 Books in a Year Challenge!

I should hire her to read the books for me... no, none of that blasphemy!
I should hire her to read the books for me… no, none of that blasphemy!

As you may have guessed from the title, for the entirety of 2014 I had been endeavouring to read 50 books. Why did I do this you may be asking? Well a friend of mine when I was still a student at University (I know, I live the sad life now) had done the challenge and was now on the 100 books in a year, maybe in 150 but I forget. But I do remember thinking it would be a lot of fun to do, since I’m a bit of a literary nerd, so I decided to give it a bash.

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Our Zoo – Adding Truth to Drama

23204582Well Our Zoo seems to have been a riveting success and I guess you all liked it too. Most of the search terms I got for The Chronic Chronicler in the past month has been stuff like “When is Series 2 of Our Zoo?”, or “Was Lady Katherine Longmore a real person?”, and of course the inevitable question: “Did Mew and Archie get married?”.

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