The Wolverine – Marvel at the Simplicity

the-wolverine-posterOk, I was going to have my first non-review post and rant about the Royal Baby that appears to have taken up all the news in the UK at the moment for no particular reason. I mean seriously, it’s a baby, there were loads born that day as well and they did not get into the news. It’s such a non-story that really does not matter at all and I’d hate to think people think all British people love the Monarchy and therefore love this Royal Baby. Trust me, not all of us do. On that note I went to do something more worthwhile with my time, so I went to see the new X-Men installment, The Wolverine.

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The Walking Dead: 400 Days – Short, Sweet and Superb

ImageWell, it’s here, a little downloadable morsel from Telltale Games before The Waking Dead second series comes out for us to all enjoy and this definitely does not disappoint. In The Walking Dead: 400 Days, you play as five characters; Vince, Wyatt, Russell, Bonnie and Shel, at different points after the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse within a 400 day time-frame. All the action centres around Gil’s Gas Station in Georgia, giving the game a much more centred focus, whilst allowing you snippets of the five characters back stories.

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Despicable Me 2 – Less Despicable, More Cutsey?

ImageSo the sequel to the frankly brilliant Despicable Me has finally arrived! Just to be quick, here is the basic plot for those who haven’t got it by watching the trailer. Super villain turned loving adoptive father Gru is called upon by the Anti-Villain League, well, more stuffed into the new and overzealous agent Lucy Wilde’s car boot, to find and bring a new super villain to justice. Gru and Lucy then must work together to find the new super villain in the most diabolical of lairs – a shopping mall. SHOCK! HORROR! Yet the greatest danger of all is yet to come, the one that Gru fears the most of all: Margo has become interested in boys! DUN DUN DUHHHH!

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The Last of Us -Awesomeness Analysed

TheLastOfUs-8If you have been hiding under a rock with plugged ears singing lalalalala you may not have heard of The Last of Us taking the gaming world by storm with some even seeing it as Naughty Dog’s Magnum Opus. And yeah, you could even get away with saying that because having played it; I’ll admit it is pure awesomeness in disc form. Having been waiting over a year for this game, it had a lot of hype to live up to and it does, it really does. The plot, the absolutely stunning artwork, the voice cast, the look of the characters, their personalities, the enemies, and so on and so on. However for what is meant to be gaming perfection, there is still much that I found lacking in what this game could have brought to the table. Just to be clear these are niggles that I have and does not mean that people shouldn’t buy this game. You should. In fact if you haven’t you are either mentally diseased or an Xbox player, for which you have really, really missed out.

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