Pride – Handshakes Have Never Been So Powerful

The-Pride-movie-posterI seem to have a thing going on with my ‘inner socialist’ at the moment as, if you read my review on Our Zoo: Episode 4, or know me in real life, you’ll notice I take a bit of joy in seeing the working man rise up against the ruling elite, be it snobby aristocrats or the indifferent government. Well it seems that writer Stephen Beresford and director Matthew Warchus have noticed this quality and decided to make this film so that it would make me nearly have a seizure of joy on seeing two things I love come together: equality and workers’ rights.

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Our Zoo: Episode 4 – And Our Next Item is…

With Episode 4 having come and gone, I can firmly say that this has been the series high point thus far. From eccentrics to class humour to downright dastardly actions, this episode has by far satisfied in all departments.

After the cliff-hanger of the last episode, where one of the bears escapes from its pen, George and Billy go out to find him and, if necessary, shoot him should he get close to Upton. Although the bear is recaptured unscathed, George is not so lucky, getting a slight clawing from the bear when both Billy and George startle the bear.

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Our Zoo: Episode 3 – Speeches, Lessons and a March

So we have reached the half-way point of the series and things, I must say, have been getting better for the series. Tensions are rising in the village, more work is being done to the zoo, more animals are arriving and the Amelia Clarkson finally has something to do aside from moping around on screen and getting drunk.

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Our Zoo: Episode 2 – Bearing Up Well

So I have realised two things with this post. Firstly, this is the first time since October that I have posted anything one day after another post. But secondly, and more importantly, this post makes me more productive in two weeks than I was for the entirety of August. With that bit of sobering comments on my work productivity done, let’s move on to the review of Our Zoo Episode 2.

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Child of Light – Pleasant or Repellent?

2624132-2766761797-ChildSo on May 5th I was browsing my WordPress feed when I stumbled upon something familiar. It was review by Pixel Vallee on the game Child of Light. It was weird seeing the name again, having to ponder where I had heard it from for a while before realisation hit me a ton of bricks with a further ton of bricks hitting mere seconds after the first load made connection with my skull.

I had mentioned it myself in my Far Cry 3 review, giving it much praise in comparison for my rather lukewarm, at best, reception of the highly rated run around shooting everything in sight like crazy game.

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Our Zoo: Episode 1 – Forget Cats and Dogs, This Family Has a Camel!

So looking back over my sites hits, which I do a worryingly amount of, I was looking over my top most read articles. Omitting the Home Page, which has way too many hits compared to my actual articles, three of my top five most read articles are my reviews for the TV series The Crimson Field.

Now I’m not exactly looking for a load more hits, though that would be nice. I wasn’t even looking for articles I had written that paled in comparison to the much more well-received articles I’ve written (I’m looking at you Monsters University and Fez). No I was just thinking, I haven’t seen a TV series I wanted to review for a while.

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