Far Cry 3 – A Far Cry from Greatness

So whilst venturing the internet as we all so regularly do nowadays, I came across the news that Far Cry 3 director, Patrick Plourde, is creating a new RPG game with Ubisoft based around the premise of that time long honoured traditions of games – a princess- called Child of Light. However this princess is the playable character and not some convenient damsel in distress for plumbers to rescue.

The Princess, Aurora, is a girl (shocks there) who falls ill and her soul is transported to the magical kingdom of Lemuria. ImageThere the Black Queen has stolen the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, which in my mind sounds like a band releasing their first single, and Aurora (yes, if you realised it there is a lot of celestial stuff going on with names and plots) must find the missing light sources, defeat the Black Queen (from reaching No.1) and save Lemuria.

While Child of Light sounds nowhere near original, it at least looks pretty damn awesome, getting inspiration from Japanese art styles in games like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. But in fairness, for me anything based off Japanese art style is always going to get my money since I’m a bit of an otaku, if I can even claim that title.

But you must be wondering “It’s all well and good that you are talking about Child of Light, but why then is your review titled Far Cry 3 – A Far Cry from Greatness why you aren’t even talking about it?” That’s a good point, and I’m going to get onto it now.

While I love original film, book and game concepts, I still do hanker at times for a retelling of familiar stories, but in new and inventive ways. So why is it that Child of Light is more interesting for me than their previous, greatly acclaimed and profitable game Far Cry 3? Far Cry 3, while not exactly original in itself, does take a new spin on first person shooters in a sandbox environment with lots of aesthetically pleasing surrounding. You can craft your way to become a greater warrior and has lots of little missions that allow you to stray from the main mission whenever you so desire. Sounds like a game that would have me hook, line and sinker. But it doesn’t. And do you know why? It’s because I think Far Cry 3 is forgettable.


Ok, let’s be clear here. I’m not saying its crap, I’m not saying it’s not worth buying and I’m not saying … actually what the hell am I saying, it’s all of the above and more. I bought this game on the pure recommendation of my brother. My brother thrilled me with vivid descriptions of how he stealthed around an enemy base, picking off all the enemies without him noticing he was there, how he took on a bear with his bare hands (ha-ha, pun) and now uses it’s skin to cover the hands he used to beat it to death and rip off its fur. And also paragliding.

With all that apparent amazingness swirling round my head I set off down to Game, bought a copy and presently walked through the game in a few days. And what did I get from this apparent tantalising experience. Well not a lot.

The scenery is done to an absolute T and it can really immerse you, but then again you come to expect that from game nowadays so it’s kind of a throwaway compliment. Also the fact that wild animals can come out of nowhere and munch on your innards is always a plus with me, and the fact that picking off unsuspecting pirates in a variety of ways is fun until it gets repetitive, and it will. However, besides that, this game feels immensely hollow.

Your character Jason Brody doesn’t help the situation by being one of the most annoying protagonists I have ever played in Imagemy life. He continually bitches about his friends needing him, then goes into “Oh my God, I am so free to slaughter whatever I want here and to be the master of my own destiny” and then jumping back and forth between loyalty to his friends and the ability to decapitate pirates.  It makes it really hard to like Jason.

Also, he’s got Liza, who many can term as “quite fit” and in all honesty, she’s sort of sensible as well as being able to be termed “quite fit” and yet Jason leaves her so he can go round killing stuff and going off with Citra who again can be described as “quite fit” but unfortunately all I ever thought of her was that she is “bat-shit crazy lady”.

Also, and spoilers for those who care, but there’s a bit in the game where you’ve just defeated a huge Ink Monster and then wake up to find that you’ve been having sex with Citra. I bet loads of people were like “Damn that is kind of awesome”, yet all I was thinking was “Oh my God, Liza is going to be pissed when she finds out!” It was just too annoying and the end scene… the less spoke about that the better but basically if you choose Citra, it’s a shit ending. But because I thought this whole “Be in charge of your own destiny” thing was paper thin plot at best, I got the good ending and went with the sensible Liza instead of bat-shit crazy lady.

I honestly think this game could have been improved by allowing you to play as Liza, as at least you could have someone with Imagesome actual brain capacity to play as. She could have been the eyes of a civilized world (which unfortunately is represented by an all white group as the holiday-makers/prisoners) looking at the horrors of a backwards place in turmoil, but doing what needed to be done to save both her friends and the islanders. It would have been more believable as well and would have at least prevented us playing generic hopeless man that is Jason Brody.

Also, I love Yahtzee Croshaw’s Zero Punctuation but he missed something in his review of Far Cry 3. While I love the fact that I am just some dude who has no previous training with guns, which Yahtzee points out, and that the only guy who would be useful in this situation, is killed within about ten nanoseconds of the game’s start, but Christ did it drop the ball from a tall height onto a retarded child from there.

Your character goes from running scared and pathetic to mass-murder McGee within July 9th, 2012 @ 04:56:41about twelve seconds. And yes, I know he’s and American and may have some experience with guns, but he’s not a super soldier. I’m sure not every American knows how to shoot a pistol, assault rifle, sniper or even a rocket launcher without being told what to do. The fact you can pick stuff up and shoot irritates me. I can carve out a wallet from shark skin, but gradual development on the weapons front? Oh no, that’s too hard to do and wouldn’t interest the gamers… or our profits.

You know what; I can go on this game for way to long for all the terrible things it dealt me, like the weak plot and the one great villain, Vaas dying too freaking easily after being the only thing keeping me interesting the game, and the one great side character, Dr. Earnhardt, having serious shit happening to him off-screen by just get to see him die cliché. Seriously, apart from a few gems, and a brilliant escape scene helped by Richard Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries, there isn’t much preventing me from trading in Far Cry 3 for money to spend on a game that’s slightly more interesting than a slug.

That’s why I opened with an appraisal of Child of Light. Because I really hope they can pull this off and do something awesome as, if Far Cry 3 is anything to go by, it’ll be like a painted whore. It’ll have a nice façade, but you wouldn’t want to go exploring into its deeper parts because you might come out scarred and infected.

Oh, if you want to see Child of Light, here’s a link to the trailer.


20 thoughts on “Far Cry 3 – A Far Cry from Greatness

      1. Hurrah! Someone with a dark sense of humour! It’s pretty surprising how so many don’t like the darker side of humour so it’s nice to see someone appreciative of it, even if it is my dark humour! 🙂


      2. drakulus23

        I know right. Some people just can’t take a good joke. I usually find things funny when most people think it’s rude, or disgusting


      3. The best sort of jokes are when you think “Ooh, was that ok to say” because then you divide the audience of people you’ve told the joke to into two categories: “Easy to Offend” and “Fun, but also could contain some douchebags who actually believe the stuff we joke about”


  1. mattvallee

    Thanks for checking out my review of Far Cry 3! I saw your comment and decided to take you up on reading your review.

    One of your main points is that Jason worried about his friends too much. I don’t think he did, to be honest. I had a lot of downtime between main missions since I went for 100% completion (since I liked the game so much 🙂 ), so that may have impacted it a bit. Also, on a personal level, I didn’t care for the friends so much. Maybe I wasn’t bothered by it as much as you were.

    I have to say that I completely disagree when you say Jason goes from scaredy cat to Rambo right off the rip. Playing on hard mode, Jason is far from a walking death machine. He didn’t really become a monster for me until near the end of the game when your tattoo is close to maxed out. That’s the part of FC3 that I enjoyed the most by far — how Jason’s transformation from innocence to killing machine took so long.

    Again, thanks for reading my review! I enjoyed yours, even though I disagreed with some of it. I’ll keep an eye out for future articles from you 🙂


    1. Hey, thanks for reading my review! I hope it was ok, even though from your comment you disagreed with me on some points.

      Let me just say that, at the beginning, Jason’s primary concern is about his friends yet that gets lost by the wayside as he progresses, but what I don’t like is how when he apparently abandons his previous life for a new, they throw his brother into the works so he has this ambivalence between murderer or friend. I just think they could have handled it better.

      Also, I’m not saying Jason immediately becomes Ranbo, but neither is he averse from killing people. While they are enemies who would shoot on sight, I felt that the fact he willingly kills from the off was a bit weird and that he could wield any weapon that came his way was annoying too.

      Though, thanks for reading my review! If you like to read more of my stuff, follow me on WordPress if you like and I’ll follow your stuff. It’s pretty damn good stuff 🙂


      1. mattvallee

        I’m following you, so I’ll definitely keep up with your articles!

        I’m with you on Jason’s ambivalence between killer and friend. The only dialogue between him and the friends is your basic “Jason don’t do this!” “No, Liza. I have to.” That could have definitely been fleshed out more.

        If you liked the idea of Far Cry 3 but not necessarily the execution, I recommend Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. I played it months before FC3 and loved it, more than FC3 now that I’ve played it. It uses the FC3 engine and physics and stuff, but it’s a complete 80s power trip and more tongue-in-cheek. It’s downloadable for like $10-$15 (I even wrote a review about it!)


      2. Yeah, I’ll give it a go once I have the money. I’ve spent a bit on DVDs so that’s me crippled for a while, but yeah I’ll have a look at the game and your review.

        I could have got it when I bought FC3, but the guy selling me FC3 was harping on about Blood Dragon so much I wondered why he hadn’t already asked the thing to give him a quick blowjob such was his love of the thing.

        Looks pretty good though in retrospect, so I’ll get it when I can. Thanks for following me as well!


  2. I agree that Far Cry 3 could have been better. For me the weak points were plot and character (except for Vaas). It was a fun game no doubt but…it just didn’t meet its full potential. Although, out of the two endings, the bad ending was far more consistent for Citra’s character in my opinion. It had me laughing. The moral of the story, don’t choose power-hungry tribe leaders over your friends. The good ending made me more annoyed. Citra’s personality did a backflip for the sake of a “dramatic” ending. The bad ending was much more consistent for Citra so I actually enjoyed that one more. Plus, it made me laugh out loud.

    Great review!

    – Ermisenda


    1. Thanks for the compliment, read and comment! 🙂

      I totally agree with you, the Citra thing was very annoying how they changed her personality for the sake of drama, I guess they can try and justify it by saying Citra was enamored with the warrior like Jason and wanted to protect his “spirit” so, even if she died, his force would continue, but then it becomes very philosophical for a very lasciviously designed, yet drab game.


  3. Hey man, thanks for the comment and for leading me to this. I really enjoyed the read, and you’ve made nothing but totally valid points that I actually partially agree with. I also feel that Jason is more on the annoying side than anything else, but I found it easy enough to overlook that it didn’t ruin the story for me (although I’m sure I’d have been head over heels for this game if Jason was actually awesome). The game has several plot points that I feel could’ve written stronger and/or handled better, but the excellent pacing makes up for a lot of that, I feel.

    The ending is a toss up for me, as I enjoy the good ending and feel like the bad ending could’ve been SO much better had they just dragged it out a bit. I mean, FC3 is a pretty long game from my perspective, and to have both both endings so short and one of them be only a few lines of reactionary dialog was just kind of a shame.

    Either way, very well-written post, and thanks again for directing me here


    1. No problem at all! Thanks for the read and the follow! I can see why you like the game and thank you for seeing my perspective on the game as well. Hopefully I’ll have some more posts coming up soon so please have a look at them as well 🙂


  4. discodracula111

    This review definitely made me smile! I certainly agree that Far Cry 3 isn’t a bad game but it has so many flaws and not enough people have been pointing them out! A mate of mine was trying to tell me how much better the game was on PC because of the improved framerate so I listed all the problems you’ve got here plus a few of my own. I asked him if the main character was still an asshole, if he spent half the game climbing up towers, and if the main villain still died halfway into the game. Apparently all of this still happened on PC so I told him the version he played was just as good as mine on PS3.


  5. The Otaku Judge

    A very entertaining review. I haven’t played this, as I am useless at first person games, but I hear the spin-off Blood Dragon is supposed to be a laugh if you like cheesy eighties stuff.


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