Sonic and the Black Knight – Just Keep Waggling

Sonic_and_the_Black_Knight_CoverAfter watching a few too many episodes of Game Grumps, I suddenly realised something that may irritate longstanding lovers of classic games out there. I’ve never played a Sonic game. Not a one. I’ve seen Let’s Plays of them, I know most the characters and know that damn catchy TV intro from Sonic X, but I’ve never played a Sonic game. Continue reading “Sonic and the Black Knight – Just Keep Waggling”

Inside Out – Jazzed Up Numskulls

Inside_Out_(2015_film)_posterComing into this film with all the hype that had been around it, I was simultaneously excited and sceptical. Although I liked Brave and Monsters University, and the less that is said about Cars 2 the better, I realised they were not as great as their previous efforts. With everything that had been said about Inside Out, it needed to blow my socks off. I had even heard it compared to Up and even Pixar’s most highly regarded film Toy Story. Continue reading “Inside Out – Jazzed Up Numskulls”

Well, That Happened…

followed-blog-200-2xApparently I have 201 followers. I’ll just check that again so bear with me…………………………..yeah I’ve got 201 followers.


Sorry I didn’t do  this when I hit 200, but I genuinely hadn’t noticed until yesterday. Thank you to everyone who has followed me despite my lack of output lately. I hope you’ve been enjoying reading this blog and look forward to this blog’s future posts!