Our Zoo – Adding Truth to Drama

23204582Well Our Zoo seems to have been a riveting success and I guess you all liked it too. Most of the search terms I got for The Chronic Chronicler in the past month has been stuff like “When is Series 2 of Our Zoo?”, or “Was Lady Katherine Longmore a real person?”, and of course the inevitable question: “Did Mew and Archie get married?”.

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Good News Everyone!

Hello there! So a short while ago I contributed to the wonderful blog Writer Loves Movies and now the fruits of that labour have come to fruition because my review has just been put up!

Writer Loves Movies is run by the wonderful Natalie Stendall who, alongside her own fantastic reviews, allows people to contribute their own reviews on their favourite films. So with Natalie’s permission I have written about a film that is very dear to my heart and sparked my great love affair with movies.

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Gold – Everyone Deserves A Chance

I suspect many of you may not have heard about this film. Neither had I in fact until I found out my local cinema was doing a few showings. I watch the trailer and thought “Well that looks… interesting”.

“But Chronic Chronicler”, you may be asking again you very questioning reader, “doesn’t interesting usually mean something is, or was, terrible and you just don’t want to say it?” You are very observant mystery reader and yes I agree with you.

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Our Zoo: Episode 6 – Tense, Passionate, Brilliant

Well that was the end. Our Zoo is officially over and, along with all of you; I must now find another TV series to get attached to. That’s how it works. TV gives us something entertaining, fun and at times gripping, but in a few short weeks it’s gone and, depending on the series, may not return for another year if at all.

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