Good News Everyone!

Hello there! So a short while ago I contributed to the wonderful blog Writer Loves Movies and now the fruits of that labour have come to fruition because my review has just been put up!

Writer Loves Movies is run by the wonderful Natalie Stendall who, alongside her own fantastic reviews, allows people to contribute their own reviews on their favourite films. So with Natalie’s permission I have written about a film that is very dear to my heart and sparked my great love affair with movies.

And what is that movie? None other than the Brad Bird classic The Iron Giant! If you like to read that review please click on the link. I’ve disabled the comments on this article so if you want to say something then be sure to go over to Writer Loves Movies to voice you like/dislike/complete neutrality over my article.

Also don’t forget to check out Natalie’s own work as well as to follow her blog as her work is a cut above the rest!

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