keep-calm-and-oh-fuck-it-i-have-100-followersWell since I’ve hit a landmark I’ve decided to give myself a self-congratulatory post. 100 Followers!!! When I started this blog last June, I saw it as another way to get my posts from my University reviews for the student papers, Forge Press, an audience outside the University. Now I’m writing original reviews and, if they’ll take them, reviews from here are going to Forge Press instead of the other way round! Hurrah for progress!

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On My Triumphant Return – Eventually

Hello there! So I’m guessing you’ve seen my sporadic posts since going into hiatus, that or you’ve been reading Dragonball Evolution – Devolved, Dreadful, Don’t Wish Back since there doesn’t seem to be a day without at least one to ten views for that article.

Seriously, at the time of writing the Dragonball article has 335 views (my most read article by a country mile) with one like and three comments (one of which is me). I always find it a bit weird my far and away most read thing has so little feedback on it and, strangely, is the source of most of my French readership. I never knew the French were such enthusiasts on my work on that abysmal film.

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Gunman Clive – Watch Out! There are Ducks About!

It’s hard not to love platform games. Growing up as we have, or at least I have and quite sporadically at best, with Mario, Sonic, ImageDonkey Kong, Mega Man and all those other retro games, it is hard not to get a pang of nostalgia when a side-scrolling platformer comes along, even if the game is a one man production.

Gunman Clive, a standard side-scrolling platformer set in the Wild West pits you in that all too familiar setup. Ms Johnson is captured by bandits and you, Gunman Clive, must battle bandits, wildlife and a fantastic array of fantastical bosses to rescue the damsel in distress. Sound familiar? Well don’t worry, if you decide to flip the stereotype, you can play as Ms Johnson and save Clive instead. And who said games don’t have gender equality?

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