Sonic and the Black Knight – Just Keep Waggling

Sonic_and_the_Black_Knight_CoverAfter watching a few too many episodes of Game Grumps, I suddenly realised something that may irritate longstanding lovers of classic games out there. I’ve never played a Sonic game. Not a one. I’ve seen Let’s Plays of them, I know most the characters and know that damn catchy TV intro from Sonic X, but I’ve never played a Sonic game. Continue reading “Sonic and the Black Knight – Just Keep Waggling”

Inside Out – Jazzed Up Numskulls

Inside_Out_(2015_film)_posterComing into this film with all the hype that had been around it, I was simultaneously excited and sceptical. Although I liked Brave and Monsters University, and the less that is said about Cars 2 the better, I realised they were not as great as their previous efforts. With everything that had been said about Inside Out, it needed to blow my socks off. I had even heard it compared to Up and even Pixar’s most highly regarded film Toy Story. Continue reading “Inside Out – Jazzed Up Numskulls”

Well, That Happened…

followed-blog-200-2xApparently I have 201 followers. I’ll just check that again so bear with me…………………………..yeah I’ve got 201 followers.


Sorry I didn’t do  this when I hit 200, but I genuinely hadn’t noticed until yesterday. Thank you to everyone who has followed me despite my lack of output lately. I hope you’ve been enjoying reading this blog and look forward to this blog’s future posts!

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya – An Outstanding Dying Art

The-Tale-of-the-Princess-Kaguya-600x450With Miyazaki’s final film, The Wind Rises, having been reviewed here last year, I have been waiting; as I assume all fans of Studio Ghibli have been doing, for what could be possibly Isao Takahata’s final foray into filmmaking, and perhaps ever so slight more frightening, the second to last Studio Ghibli film that may ever be released. Continue reading “The Tale of the Princess Kaguya – An Outstanding Dying Art”

The Unfinished Swan – The Complete Package

the-unfinished-swan-1I seem to be more and more inclined to turn away from the big games that have been released since the inception of the new consoles. I mean I jumped on Dragonball: Xenoverse as if it were a disgraceful youth putting a dying animal out of its misery with my size eight feet and I’m incredibly stoked for Star Wars: Battlefront, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Fallout 4 and a whole host of games that have fallen prey to the recent trend of colon-isation and sequelisation. Continue reading “The Unfinished Swan – The Complete Package”

Just to Say…

2000px-Gay_flag.svgWell done America, you’ve finally allowed gay marriage in all 50 States. Give yourself a pat on the back, but remember ther’s always more work to be done and, looking at America at the moment, some of it needs to be done sharpish. Celebrate today, but remember there’s still so much work to do tomorrow. Also, just a quick message to Northern Ireland: please pass same-sex marriage. It’s not hard, or controversial, it’s a matter of equality, so please do the right thing.

Oh and, err, reviews… I knew there was something I’d forgotten. They’ll be coming soon… hopefully.

Mad Max: Fury Road – Utter Carnage

MMFR_BUS_SHELTER_DUO_INTLSomewhat surprisingly, I’m not that much of an action film aficionado. I mean, I have seen a fair few but I’m not a die-hard about the subject (pardon the pun). So when Mad Max: Fury Road came out, I just thought that it was another summer blockbuster attempt. An admittedly cool looking one, but I had no inclination that this was part of a franchise, let alone a genre-defining one at that. Hell, South Park parodied it in Proper Condom Use! Now I finally understand that weird scene… Continue reading “Mad Max: Fury Road – Utter Carnage”