Another Bout of Unsolicited Kickstarter Shout-outs

Hello again everyone and, although I said last time I wouldn’t be using this blog as a Kickstarter plugging page, I’ve seen a couple of games that I feel deserve a little promotion from yours truly and can hopefully assist in whatever small way in helping them reaching their funding goals.

Game One: In the Shadows

in-the-shadows-game-teaser.mp4First up we have In the Shadows, a puzzle platformer made by Colorspace Studio where we control a man undergoing some sort of psychotherapy where he must travel back to his childhood, using light to transform the dark shadows through a variety of puzzles so that he can recover his past memories and make sense of his life.

The game looks reminiscent of Fez (at least to me) with its retro 8-bit style and, alongside its melancholy musical score, good environments, appealing puzzle centric gameplay, and a story that had definitely piqued interest. As of typing the game has around five days to go and of it’s $12,000 Canadian target it is nearing $9,500. It only needs a little more to get it to its goal and I feel that In the Shadows is definitely worth the investment. So if you’re interested in puzzle platformers harking back to the early days of games but with intriguing stories to tell, then definitely have a look.

EDIT: Hello again! Just to say that, as of May 18th, with just over two days to spare, In the Shadows has hits its funding goal! I do not know if this post helped get the game more backers but I am overjoyed that this game is funded. Thank you to everyone who read this, checked out the games Kickstarter, and a special thank you to anyone who funded the game because of this post! Just Nadia Was There to go and we’ll be golden!

Game Two: Nadia Was Here

photo-original.pngOnce again calling back to the 8 and 16-bit beginnings of games, Nadia Was Here is an RPG created by Joep Aben and inspired by games such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, and (a personal favourite of mine) Golden Sun but with slight changes. Gone a random encounters letting you dictate when you want to fight, endless grinding is replaced with learning skills to improve your characters, and a new quick paced battle style will be keeping you on your toes.

There is already a playable demo on the Kickstarter page which, having played, I am already excited for this game to be funded. Unlike In the Shadows, this game has twenty four days to go so you have a bit longer to decide whether investing in this game is for you. It already has nearly €1,200 of its €8,500 target and, with over three weeks to go till its deadline, I’m sure it will hit it. If you want an RPG that gives new twists on old themes, then check out its Kickstarter and see if you want to invest.

EDIT: As of June 9th 2016, I must say with great sorrow that Nadia Was Here did not reach its funding goal. While this is quite sad for me and anybody else who backed this game, the creator Joep Aben has said that, although it will take longer to finish as the money would help him work on the game full time, he still intends to release it to Steam at some time in the future. I cannot wait to get hold of this game and I hope you all feel the same too.

I know everyone is not an endless supply of money and may not be able to afford to invest in Kickstarters or may not want to but if you’re interested then check them out. Again this is all just me approving of these games and given them various amounts in pledges, though nothing too much otherwise I’d be hemorrhaging money. I’ll probably only advertise games that I think deserve a bit of publicity and/or  games that I will put money to, no matter how small the amount.

Don’t worry though, this isn’t going to become The Chronic Chronicler’s sole function. Reviews will be coming shortly. Thanks for reading and I hope you like my suggestions.


24 thoughts on “Another Bout of Unsolicited Kickstarter Shout-outs

    1. Same here too. I’ve only done some recently and all of them should be finished later this year or early next so I’m waiting to see what happens. I love the look of both of these games but, since I’ve played the demo for Nadia Was Here, that’s the one I’m more eager to play as well.

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      1. Very true, but at least that looks like it might, possibly, maybe be seeing the light of day. I love Mega Man games and I’d love to play Mighty No. 9 but the constant delays aren’t making Kickstarters look good, but then again games like Shovel Knight, The Banner Saga, Broken Age, etc so I can’t get too disheartened about it.

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  1. None of those games interest me in the slightest. There are already too many retro styled games littering Steam for me to want to help support adding two more.

    Kickstarter is something I tend to avoid because 90% of the game that come from there suck in my opinion.


    1. That’s fine. I will admit there is a lot of dross that comes with Kickstarter, but so too will you find dross from big companies producing triple A games. Not every game is for everyone and these are more personal preferences of myself. I have a love for retro, as well as platforming and a slight hankering to have RPG’s like Golden Sun so these hit their targets for me, but equally they won’t for others including yourself. Thanks for checking out my post though.

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      1. I must admit I have never played a Yoshi game, though I have played and love Ori, but for me at least it’s been a while since I’ve played these sorts of games so I’m interested in seeing how they turn out should they receive funding.

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      2. Same here, it is incredibly nice to see developers who spend so much time on their games get them funded and released. Hopefully they’ll live up to people’s expectations. Also I would love to play a Yoshi game but the only console I have for it is my Nintendo SP which I’ve not bought a game for in years!

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      3. Wow. That handheld is old :].

        I have a Wii U, 3DS, and PC. I don’t need another console until the NX launches. Yoshi’s Woolly World was a amazing game and is the best platformer on the Wii U for sure.


      4. I know. I grew more into consoles than handhelds after the SP. I guess the DS never really sold me on anything when I was younger and the PSP and Vita, although have made games that have been lovingly put on the PS4, like Tearaway and Gravity Rush, never really got started with me. Sounds a good game though I can’t justify getting a Wii U now since it hardly has any games I would play, aside from one or two.


      5. To each their own :].

        I have a bunch of Wii U games and it’s my favorite console of the three. Everything else can easily be gotten on PC for me, but I understand where you’re coming from.

        I grew up a hardcore console gamer and only got into PC gaming shortly before I started blogging over on my site. If you don’t have a list of games that you want for a console then don’t buy it. That’s what I do anyway :].

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      6. Absolutely agree with you. I’ve always had PlayStations, nit out of loyalty but because the first two were bought for me and the other two were hit since I loved PlayStation exclusive games. Aside from handhelds I’ve never owned a Nintendo console. Hell the review of the Sonic Wii game I did comes from my brother’s Wii! I also got into PC gaming late but I am an avid convert since I can play games like Jet Set Radio without getting an entirely new old console.

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      7. I’m currently playing Uncharted 4, but I don’t own a PS4 and I have no plans of owning one. I had a X1, but I went a really long time without playing it and decided to get rid of it because every game on it eventually comes to PC. I’ll be getting a PS4 some time next year because I finally got a full list of games that I actually want on it :].

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      8. Yeah it has taken a little while but the roster of games for the PS4 has livened up a little recently. I thought about getting an Xbox One but after seeing their games and the car crash of a launch I opted to stay with Sony. Might get a Nintendo handheld though but I’d have to look at the games they offer to see if it is worthwhile.


      9. All I really want on the PS4 is Bloodborne, Street Fighter V, yes I know it’s on PC, Ratchet and Clank, Horizon, Salt n Sanctuary, and a few other neat looking titles. I expect my future PS4 to be a good backup console :]

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      10. Played and reviewed Ratchet and Clank. It’s good but not as good as the original but still fun to play. The others I have not played but I’m looking forward to Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian, and possibly Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.

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      11. Not interested in The Last Guardian at all :]. I didn’t like the original Ratchet and Clank, but liked just about all the other ones. Horizon looks good, but it remains to be seen if it’s going to be a good game because we haven’t seen much on it yet.


      12. If you didn’t like the original Ratchet & Clank I’m not sure you’ll like the new one since it is a slightly altered retelling of the first game, but maybe since it’s got mechanics from the later games melded into it you may enjoy it. I know to be cautious over Horizon since I’ve only seen the trailer but I like to be optimistic about it, same with The Last Guardian.

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  2. Both of these look pretty good. Especially In The Shadows! 🙂 I love backing Kickstarter projects. I don’t do it frequently but 2015 had a lot of pretty decent offerings that I hope living up to what they promise.
    P.S. I love your Kickstarter project posts 🙂


    1. Thank you! I’ve only backed a few Kickstarters so I’ve not had the failed project yet or the success project never finished so I’m still quite innocent to it all. I personally prefer Nadia Was Here but I still adore the looming Into the Shadows. Thanks for the positivity. I think I’ll only do this when certain projects interest me but you never know! Maybe this will become a series or something! Another one of my highly promised poorly executed series 😛

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      1. I personally haven’t had failed Kickstarter projects either. Some are just taking much longer than expected. I think the first two projects I funded in the tail end of 2012 is still not done yeah..haha! However, I find it a much more reliable space than Indiegogo.

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      2. Very true! I think I did a promo when I first started this blog up for a game in indiegogo and, although I loved the game, it never got off the ground funding wise. All the ones I’ve posted about (except he indiegogo one I think) I’ve backer so hopefully they’ll get made and won’t get stuck in development hell. All the best for your projects as well!

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