Lion Quest – Back to the Games of Yore Go I!

Well hello there. It’s been awfully quiet hasn’t it? I bet you’re as surprised to see me here as I am. A lot seems to have gone on since I last was on here flogging Kickstarter games to my fanatic chroniclers. Lets have a little recap shall we? Brexit happened which meant I had to be sedated lest my pro-European rage engulf the entire world in a fiery vortex that none would survive; England got knocked out of Euro 2016 by Iceland giving my handlers the perfect excuse to bring me out of my induced coma so I could lord it over headerthe English, and Pokémon Go has swept the globe, aside from UK since we haven’t (officially) got it yet. Which bring us up to now where I have had the pleasure of playing a game created by fellow blogger extraordinaire (warning: The Chronic Chronicler may be exaggerating his extraordinaire- iness) Dracula’s Cave simply named Lion Quest.

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Another Bout of Unsolicited Kickstarter Shout-outs

Hello again everyone and, although I said last time I wouldn’t be using this blog as a Kickstarter plugging page, I’ve seen a couple of games that I feel deserve a little promotion from yours truly and can hopefully assist in whatever small way in helping them reaching their funding goals.

Game One: In the Shadows

in-the-shadows-game-teaser.mp4First up we have In the Shadows, a puzzle platformer made by Colorspace Studio where we control a man undergoing some sort of psychotherapy where he must travel back to his childhood, using light to transform the dark shadows through a variety of puzzles so that he can recover his past memories and make sense of his life.

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Tearaway Unfolded – A Personally Crafted Experience

81BMqKqbJKL._SL1500_Sometimes come out of nowhere and burrow themselves into your brain, constantly pressing itself against your hippocampus so that you constantly think about until you finally break down in tears and rush to the nearest shop/computer and buy it to stop the incessant nagging on your cranial lobes. Tearaway Unfolded is one such game and, just to get my bias out of the way right now before people accusing me of it, yes I am reviewing Rex Crowle’s game after hyping up his Kickstarter game Knights and Bikes, but so what?!

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Fez – Retro, Puzzling, Brilliant

Fez_(video_game)_cover_artFor those of you that are perhaps uninitiated in the world of gaming, Fez may have passed you by and that is forgivable. For those who do consider themselves gamers and have not at least heard of Fez, then shame on you. For Fez is, for lack of a better description, wholly immersive.

Fez, a retro-styled puzzle platformer, is the story of Gomez, a little blob person with a head that really shouldn’t be supported by his body, lives in a peaceful 2D village with other blob people. However, Gomez sees the breakup of a massive golden hexahedron which causes the very fabric of his world to begin tearing itself apart.

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Gunman Clive – Watch Out! There are Ducks About!

It’s hard not to love platform games. Growing up as we have, or at least I have and quite sporadically at best, with Mario, Sonic, ImageDonkey Kong, Mega Man and all those other retro games, it is hard not to get a pang of nostalgia when a side-scrolling platformer comes along, even if the game is a one man production.

Gunman Clive, a standard side-scrolling platformer set in the Wild West pits you in that all too familiar setup. Ms Johnson is captured by bandits and you, Gunman Clive, must battle bandits, wildlife and a fantastic array of fantastical bosses to rescue the damsel in distress. Sound familiar? Well don’t worry, if you decide to flip the stereotype, you can play as Ms Johnson and save Clive instead. And who said games don’t have gender equality?

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Deadlight – Guess What? Zombies… Again

ImageSo yeah, here we go with another zombie game. I sometimes get the feeling that games studios just have huge meeting where they try to create something wonderful and completely imaginative on the Monday, but by late Friday afternoon they just don’t care anymore. They’ve run out of jokes by Tuesday, coffee by Wednesday, someone’s thrown a chair at someone by Thursday, and by Friday everyone in the room have their heads slumped on the desks in despair at their un-creativity, much like me with this analogy.

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ibb and obb – Inventive and Outraging

ibb and obb feels a bit peculiar on first glance, and makes you wonder whether it’ll be worth the price tag. But in all seriousness, ibb and obb is one of the finest co-op games we have played in a long, long time.

Imageibb and obb is a puzzle platformer which follows the linear adventure of ibb, a small green blob with legs, and obb, a slightly larger pink blob with legs. ibb and obb must traverse a linear path past many frustrating and diverse puzzles, many of which will make you scratch your head in confusion.

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