Good News Everyone!

Hello there! So a short while ago I contributed to the wonderful blog Writer Loves Movies and now the fruits of that labour have come to fruition because my review has just been put up!

Writer Loves Movies is run by the wonderful Natalie Stendall who, alongside her own fantastic reviews, allows people to contribute their own reviews on their favourite films. So with Natalie’s permission I have written about a film that is very dear to my heart and sparked my great love affair with movies.

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Guest Blogger: The Stuff

The_Stuff_DVD_boxartWell hello everyone. I hope you’ve all been enjoying my reviews as of late but today it’s time for a change. I shall be introducing Fallyn Aingeal of the popular blog Late Night Comic. Over on his blog Fallyn delves into films, games, anime, comics, books and more so please go and have a look at his site! From the looks of things Fallyn has given me something quite different from my usual stuff so I hope you all like the change. Well without further ado, I hand over to Fallyn.


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