Last Minute Reminder – Fox n Forests Kickstarter

6e553a314f5d7cc674f486c0e64e1c1e_originalHello everyone and I promise this will be the last new post on Fox n Forests as the announcement of whether it has been funded or not will be done via an update to this/or/and the previous article I
wrote on it.

If you want a summation of the game, its best to read my previous article here or, better yet, go to it’s Kickstarter page so you can get a true feel for the game. But to give a slightly better overview of the game, here is a brief summary that, being too lazy to rewrite, I’ve just taken from their website.

An evil force is messing around with the seasons in the vast mana woodlands and is building an army of tree like creatures and half-plant half-animal mutants. Its plan is to introduce a mysterious, deadly 5th time of a year. Wandering through the dense forests, looking for winged prey our reckless hero Rick the Fox could not care less, until he meets Patty the Partridge. On behalf of the rather remarkable Guardian Tree she begs him for help, promising gold in reward and a magic melee crossbow as a powerful weapon to defeat evil.

“Ha, I will outfox them! First earn this gold, then snatch the crossbow and finally swallow that annoying bird!”clever Rick is thinking while following Patty into the deep forests, not knowing what epic adventures lie in front of them, in this thrilling furry tail of change.

If you think the game is worth support, then  you can back it on Kickstarter and you’ll need to get in quick since it only has 4 days before its campaign ends. Also you can help with their Thunderclap campaign (which is completely free to do) to get it to as many people on social media as possible. That closes on noon August 10th so you need to get in quick to help them out!

FOXnFORESTS_07I’m sorry to have become an advert in my last two articles and, if you have happened upon my Twitter account,  you will have seen that it has pretty much become an unofficial Fox n Forests account. But don’t worry, if this game is funded and when it comes out I’ll review it with complete impartiality. However my impartiality won’t be that long of a wait, since I’ll be reviewing Suicide Squad quite soon! (Spoiler: I’m going to savage that film). So please support Fox n Forests on Kickstarter and Thunderclap before it’s too late!

UPDATE: As of the 11th August Fox n Forests hit its funding target!!! It will be released in September 2017. Congratulations Bonus Level Entertainment! I am really looking forward to seeing this game next year! Fox n Forests have a just over one day left before the project ends so if you want to get a copy of this game which will be cheaper than release then go and back it now! Now just to go mark next year’s calendar in September for a very foxy day!

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