A Bird Story – Silently Superb

0I apologise for two things before I start this review. Firstly, and this might seem a bit weird, but I apologise for the fact I am creating a break in my so far complete list of No-English Moviember posts. I know it seems weird but I shall look back at this with a slight pain in my festering heart that I broke the chain of No-English Moviember reviews.

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No-English Moviember – Jagten

jagten-filmen-dvd1-jagten-film-review-2012Before watching Jagten (English: The Hunt), I had very limited knowledge of what the film’s plot was. Aside from a brief description from IMDb saying it was a drama where a man’s life is turned upside-down by one lie, I was left in complete ignorance as to what was about to occur.

Preferably, I’d like you all to be in this state of unknowing when, and if, you watch the film but since I’m reviewing it I might as well give you a review which, to the best of my abilities, conveys the spectacle which I was about to witness.

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Gold – Everyone Deserves A Chance

I suspect many of you may not have heard about this film. Neither had I in fact until I found out my local cinema was doing a few showings. I watch the trailer and thought “Well that looks… interesting”.

“But Chronic Chronicler”, you may be asking again you very questioning reader, “doesn’t interesting usually mean something is, or was, terrible and you just don’t want to say it?” You are very observant mystery reader and yes I agree with you.

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Our Zoo: Episode 6 – Tense, Passionate, Brilliant

Well that was the end. Our Zoo is officially over and, along with all of you; I must now find another TV series to get attached to. That’s how it works. TV gives us something entertaining, fun and at times gripping, but in a few short weeks it’s gone and, depending on the series, may not return for another year if at all.

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