The Walking Dead: 400 Days – Short, Sweet and Superb

ImageWell, it’s here, a little downloadable morsel from Telltale Games before The Waking Dead second series comes out for us to all enjoy and this definitely does not disappoint. In The Walking Dead: 400 Days, you play as five characters; Vince, Wyatt, Russell, Bonnie and Shel, at different points after the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse within a 400 day time-frame. All the action centres around Gil’s Gas Station in Georgia, giving the game a much more centred focus, whilst allowing you snippets of the five characters back stories.

The story-lines are really short for each character, but once again your actions have consequences for the end of the game, which will leave re-playing this game so much in order to get the perfect ending. You are left hungry for more development on the characters as they have so much fleshed out of them in such a short space of time that it leaves you hungry for the next season. All the characters appear to have different starting stories and different personalities, and you already feel yourself siding with particular characters, and other wishing that they’ll be the next one bitten or shot. Achieving this in such short game play is nothing short of a master-stroke.

That’s probably one of the few things that disappointed me about this game, the lack of Clementine. After such a character that you can love so dearly is not present in this little snippet, it leaves you wondering what has happened to her, but also gives you the hope that she has survived and the new characters will, possibly, be her new group in the upcoming season.

One fault I would get from this game is that they have clearly recycled the look of previous characters from the first season of The Walking Dead into 400 Days for new characters which leaves you wondering whether they will try that in the new season, which would be a tremendous shame for a game which exuded such difference from others surrounding it.

Seriously download this game! It is dirt cheap and with the prospect of this episode affecting your next season; it is worth seeing how the game-play and storyline of The Walking Dead season two will be affected by 400 Days. 400 Days is short, but an excellent appetiser for the upcoming season that will all hope to live up to our expectations. But if 400 Days is anything to go by, the next season sounds damn interesting. Just please let Clementine be there!

P.S: I’m no longer doing scores for reviews, they feel too arbitrary, and so I’ll let the review speak for itself on how I feel about a particular topic.

4 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: 400 Days – Short, Sweet and Superb

  1. The Otaku Judge

    I enjoyed this game, but was surprised by how abruptly it ends. I think I would have preferred one story over numerous short ones because you don’t get enough time to live with the consequences of your actions. Btw have you played The Wolf Among Us or Season 2 yet?


    1. Yeah, I guess it is a little sad that the story were only bite-sized, but it makes sense only to give a taste of characters we’ll hopefully get to meet later down the line. I’ve not played The Wolf Among Us yet, though I have heard amazing things about it. Of course I’ve played Season 2 of The Walking Dead. How could I not? And I am so glad I have kept going with it. The new episode was frankly amazing. Have you started playing the new series?


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