Your Chronicler Needs You!

Hello there! This is just a brief sally forth into the breach of blogging because I just want to ask my wonderful audience a question. I’d like you to answer honestly and without looking at Wikipedia for inspiration.

Just from the top of your heads, I’d like YOU to answer this question:

What is your favourite DreamWorks Animation Film?

Lord Kitchener Demand You Answer The Chronic Chronicler’s Question!

You can answer in the comment section or go to my Facebook page and answer there (and please don’t forget to like the page if you go there).

I’m asking this because, depending on the answers, I might do some reviews on the lines I’m thinking when I come back out of hiatus. But first I need YOU, yes YOU, to answer this question, and share it round the internet getting answers so I can see where I stand on this topic and whether doing these reviews for my return from hiatus is worth it.

Also, any reviews you want me to do that aren’t related to this, don’t hesitate to post on here or via Facebook! So please get commenting, I’d love to see what you all think!

17 thoughts on “Your Chronicler Needs You!

  1. Thanks for answering the question! Wow, people seriously love How To Train Your Dragon. Not surprising as it is awesome, but still. Please share this round the internet as I’d like to get loads of answers please! Also, on a side-note, you looking forward to How To Train Your Dragon 2?


    1. drakulus23

      Since the first one was freaking awesome hell yes i’m looking forward to part 2 :]. I know that wasn’t intended for me to answer but I had to add my two cents in.


      1. Hey it’s fine, I’m not going to get the comment police on you! But yeah, I’m looking forward to it as well. I love the fact that they’ve aged the characters as you don’t see that too often in animated films.


    1. Ooh, good one. Surprised no-one has picked that yet, but then again most people forget it in the wake of Despicable Me. Shame, Megamind’s a really good film. Thanks for answering the question by the way! If you like, please share this around the internet so I can get as many responses as possible! And don’t worry, why I’m doing this will become clear in time… in case anyone was wondering. 🙂


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