The Polls Are Closed! – Future Chronic Chronicler Reviews

Well it’s been a week and I think it’s time to close the polls. Thank you to everyone who took time and answered my question, both here and on my personal Facebook account, I really appreciated it! So here it comes, the point of why I asked all you lovely people what was your favourite DreamWorks Animation film.


Of all the people who answered, only one person chose a non-computer animated DreamWorks film. Yes, only one. I’m actually surprised I got one. But the point of this is that, does anyone remember the traditionally animated DreamWorks films. Without googling it, just try and think of any of them. Thought of any? Know how many there are? There’s not many. Ok, here they are:

–          The Prince of Egypt (1998)

–          The Road to El Dorado (2000)

–          Joseph: King of Dreams (2000)

–          Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002)

–          Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003)

There they are. Four theatrical films and one (and so far DreamWork’s only) direct-to-video film Joseph: King of Dreams, are the total sum of DreamWorks traditionally animated films. Remember them?

I know I asked you for your favourite DreamWorks Animated films, not all the ones you remembered, but for only one to say this style of film was their favourite is quite telling. So here comes the gist of this article. When I return, I shall review all these films in order of release over the course of a month because I want to know something, and possibly you might be interested to read in what I want to know.

What I want to know is: are they good films? DreamWorks may not be making traditionally animated films anymore, unless you count short sequences in The Croods and Kung Fu Panda, but are they no more because they weren’t only unprofitable, but also bad? Well that’s what I’m going to be looking at and I hope you will all find it interesting for when I return with The Prince of Egypt!

Once again thank you all so much for telling me your favourite DreamWorks Animated films and I hope these upcoming reviews intrigue you! Please like, comment and share! I’d really love to know what you think about my proposed reviews! Oh, and How To Train Your Dragon won the most favourite DreamWorks Animated film in case anyone was wondering.

P.S: I have recently found out that DreamWorks are making a film called Me and My Shadow which will be both traditionally animated and computer animated in a similar vein to Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. So at least it is returning somewhat, but not to the scale like the films above so the reviews still count!

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