No-English Moviember – Persepolis

Persepolis_filmHello again and welcome to the second annual No-English Moviember! I know I am excited to be writing some of my favourite reviews
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The Crimson Field: Episode 2 – Pushing Progress

So here I am again with the second episode of the BBC’s war drama The Crimson Field and I must say things are getting interesting. Suranne Jones, who turned up at the very end of the first episode on a motorbike and in man’s clothes, gets a larger presence as the civilian nurse volunteering for army service, the forward thinking Sister Joan Livesey. Marianne Oldham as Rosalie Berwick also gets a bit more screen focus than the previous episode and, as ever, the horrors of war of shown to us with more and more troops returning from the front line wounded. Oh by the way, some plot spoiler here.

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The Crimson Field: Episode 1 – Potentially Promising

So if you are a regular reader of mine, you have probably noticed that this isn’t The Prince of Egypt review that I’ve been promising to do on my return since January. You may possibly be annoyed for the lack of this review after nearly four months of me saying it would arrive on my return. Or you may be confused and may be thinking “What the hell is this guy on about?”

The truth is that business has once again invaded my life and I’ve been putting The Prince
of Egypt
review on the backburner for a while. I was really struggling to put words down onto paper for the review and have just been staring blankly at it with no criticisms or praise coming to mind.

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