Pride – Handshakes Have Never Been So Powerful

The-Pride-movie-posterI seem to have a thing going on with my ‘inner socialist’ at the moment as, if you read my review on Our Zoo: Episode 4, or know me in real life, you’ll notice I take a bit of joy in seeing the working man rise up against the ruling elite, be it snobby aristocrats or the indifferent government. Well it seems that writer Stephen Beresford and director Matthew Warchus have noticed this quality and decided to make this film so that it would make me nearly have a seizure of joy on seeing two things I love come together: equality and workers’ rights.

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Somewhat of a Versatile Blogger!

Hello there! Well I’m returning for a brief stint as it’s come to my notice that I’ve been awarded not one, nor two, but three, that’s right, THREE Blogging awards! I am quite bowled at people’s nominating my blog, even if I have been on hiatus for a while. Although that may just be the point, maybe I’m being given awards because I’m on my hiatus and the fact I’m not writing for a while is worth praising! But’s that’s enough of my weird paranoia and I’ll get straight on to my Versatile Blogger Award! Oh, just quickly before I start, to Drakulus and invaderc8, I will get onto your nominations as soon as I can, but I’m going chronologically so bear with me!


I’d like to say thanks to Gamer’s Therapy for nominating me and that you should check out and follow his blog for all his amazing stuff! Well, apparently I have to nominate fifteen
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