Philip Seymour Hoffman – We Will Miss You

You may or may not have heard but the actor and director Philip Seymour Hoffman died today at the age of forty-six. According to sources he was found dead in his apartment with a hypodermic needle in his arm, suggesting some form of drug overdose


I’m trying not to be sappy with this, but it’s hard not to be when such a talented actor dies before his time. Indeed, being in such in large category of films including Boogie NightsThe Talented Mr. Ripley, Punch Drunk Love, Red Dragon, Capote (for which he won an Oscar), Charlie Wilson’s War, The Master and The Hunger Games franchise, to name but a few, it’s such a terrible loss to the acting world to lose such a great talent.

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The Picture of Dorian Gray – Making Everyone Frightened of Getting A Self-Portrait

As promised last week, here is the first in a two-part review on things to do with Oscar Wilde. I know no-one asked for it but sod it, if no-one asks me to review stuff then I’ll just keep putting stuff on that I’m want to do rather than being told to do. But enough moaning about you, let’s get onto one the books that we all know the general plot of but probably have not read.

I must apologise for the brevity of the plot summary that I’m about to give, but seeing as how many of those who will come across this article will have read the novel, or least have a grasp of the basic plot, I don’t want to bore you by treading on worn ground. And for those who have not read the novel, I apologise for not doing the summary justice to the novel and thoroughly encourage you to read it. But, I’ll take my fan boy hat off for my reviewer’s top hat (appropriate for the ear) so let’s get down to business on Oscar Wilde’s one and only novel: The Picture of Dorian Gray. Continue reading “The Picture of Dorian Gray – Making Everyone Frightened of Getting A Self-Portrait”