Avengers: Age of Ultron – Hype Without Substance?

Avengers_Age_Of_Ultron-poster1I know this film has been out for a short while now and the fact I’m reviewing now is more of a testament to by procrastination rather than anything else, but nevertheless I shall, finally, be reviewing the hype-tastic Avengers: Age of Ultron! But you guys know what’s coming first, although I don’t see why I’m even bothering since we’ve all seen the trailers and probably the film itself, but here’s the obligatory overview! Continue reading “Avengers: Age of Ultron – Hype Without Substance?”

The Wolverine – Marvel at the Simplicity

the-wolverine-posterOk, I was going to have my first non-review post and rant about the Royal Baby that appears to have taken up all the news in the UK at the moment for no particular reason. I mean seriously, it’s a baby, there were loads born that day as well and they did not get into the news. It’s such a non-story that really does not matter at all and I’d hate to think people think all British people love the Monarchy and therefore love this Royal Baby. Trust me, not all of us do. On that note I went to do something more worthwhile with my time, so I went to see the new X-Men installment, The Wolverine.

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Man of Steel – Over-Hyped and Underwhelming

ImageThough we don’t really need the obligatory overview for a Superman movie, it appears to be necessary in a review so I shall do it as briefly as possible. Man of Steel centres on the creation of Superman (Henry Cavill) and his struggle to remain hidden from a world which he fears may not accept him, whilst coming to terms with his powers and Kryptonian heritage. The main force of the film however centres on Superman’s battle with the rouge Kryptonian General Zod (Michael Shannon) and his aim of recreating the Kryptonian race after their home planet Krypton has been destroyed.

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