The Bell Jar – Finding the Point of Getting Up in the Morning

belljar_lSo I’m back again with another book review and this one is one quite dear to me. I bought it purely because I had heard about it vaguely, I knew it was Sylvia Plath’s only novel and that it was very well reviewed by one  friend and harshly criticised by another. It caught my interest and made me part with my money. And now I’m here telling you what I thought about it. Cue the obligatory overview!

Esther Greenwood is a young woman from the Boston suburbs who has won a summer internship with a magazine in New York which, rather than invigorating her makes disorients her, affecting her deeply. After a tumultuous time in New York, Esther returns home increasingly depressed. This depression is only further increased by her lack of identification outside of doing well academically.

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Norwegian Wood – Quintessential Quirkiness

norwegian-woodHaving thought this would be the mainstay of my blogging material, it is weird to think that my blog has been around for five months now, and this will be my first literary review. I guess what we end up writing about is sort of beyond our control and while I love doing my film, game, and occasional random article about what’s happening with me in my life, it’ has been bugging me that I haven’t done a review on a decent book yet. But now I’m breaking that trend and I’m finally reviewing a book, a book I had no intention of being the first book I reviewed, but what do you know, life changed what I would write about again.

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