Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas – Sailing Away Over the Traditional Animation Horizon

sinbad - legend of the seven seasWell here we are, the end of traditional animation, or at least, the end of DreamWorks traditional animation efforts. I apologise at how long it’s taken me to produce these reviews but I hope you’ve been able to bear with me through all of this. But since it is the end let’s see how this ends, with a whimper or with a bang.

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Man of Steel – Over-Hyped and Underwhelming

ImageThough we don’t really need the obligatory overview for a Superman movie, it appears to be necessary in a review so I shall do it as briefly as possible. Man of Steel centres on the creation of Superman (Henry Cavill) and his struggle to remain hidden from a world which he fears may not accept him, whilst coming to terms with his powers and Kryptonian heritage. The main force of the film however centres on Superman’s battle with the rouge Kryptonian General Zod (Michael Shannon) and his aim of recreating the Kryptonian race after their home planet Krypton has been destroyed.

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