John Wick – Reeves Rampage

john-wick-poster1Considering the last thing I saw Keanu Reeves in was the awful, dull, depressing, dull, unimaginative, dull, unnecessary, and desperately dull remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, I thought the days of the eternal Reeves were over and that we could only reminisce of when things were excellent and he would always choose wisely, both with pills and films.

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Mirror’s Edge – On the Brink of Something

headerMirror’s Edge seems to be one of those games that I spent so much time umming and ahhing over whether to buy I’m surprised my bones hadn’t turned to dust. You’d hear someone talking it up like a new religion or fad diet and then you’d get another person, almost always two metres away from you who would should quite loudly that it was about as enjoyable as listening to Rebecca Black’s Friday on repeat for ten hours. So fairly mixed reviews then.

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The Liebster Award

liebsterawardOk, no pun titles this time as for the first time in my site’s history, this is not a review. Shock! Horror! Blasphemy! Yes, I know it’s a shock, but I’m actually a little touched that I got nominated for anything. A huge thank you goes to Drakulus for nominating me. Though I have only been on the site for four months, and admittedly my posting has been a bit sporadic and since I post longer reviews which results in less blogs coming out than other sites, I thank you for putting up with me and my writing style. Also, and I know I’m spending a lot of time thanking people but bear with me, this is the last one, thank you WordPress community. You are awesome and when I advertise my articles, you all come and have a look, even when I write something completely contrary to what you think about something.

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