Sonic and the Black Knight – Just Keep Waggling

Sonic_and_the_Black_Knight_CoverAfter watching a few too many episodes of Game Grumps, I suddenly realised something that may irritate longstanding lovers of classic games out there. I’ve never played a Sonic game. Not a one. I’ve seen Let’s Plays of them, I know most the characters and know that damn catchy TV intro from Sonic X, but I’ve never played a Sonic game. Continue reading “Sonic and the Black Knight – Just Keep Waggling”

Big Hero 6 – Colourful Costumed Crusaders

Big_Hero_6_film_posterJanuary, as I understand it, is meant to be a month of desperation. A month where films that cause breath to thin and skin to shudder to claw their way out of the ground, grab our ankles and drag us down to their abyss of bile and gunge. So can anyone explain why Big Hero 6 is being released in the UK in January?

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Titan A.E. – Simply Squandered

Titan_AE_One_SheetSo my vision after finishing my review of Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas was to be ultra-productive. I was going to start a book, game and film review all within a week to be put up over three weeks, Then my body went “Hey, this is the perfect time to have the mother of all colds.” So for the past week I’ve been surrounded by tissues, Lemsip, lots of drinks and more tissues. But now I’m coming out of the constant sneezing and coughing so I can get around to writing my reviews!

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Gunman Clive – Watch Out! There are Ducks About!

It’s hard not to love platform games. Growing up as we have, or at least I have and quite sporadically at best, with Mario, Sonic, ImageDonkey Kong, Mega Man and all those other retro games, it is hard not to get a pang of nostalgia when a side-scrolling platformer comes along, even if the game is a one man production.

Gunman Clive, a standard side-scrolling platformer set in the Wild West pits you in that all too familiar setup. Ms Johnson is captured by bandits and you, Gunman Clive, must battle bandits, wildlife and a fantastic array of fantastical bosses to rescue the damsel in distress. Sound familiar? Well don’t worry, if you decide to flip the stereotype, you can play as Ms Johnson and save Clive instead. And who said games don’t have gender equality?

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