The Tale of the Princess Kaguya – An Outstanding Dying Art

The-Tale-of-the-Princess-Kaguya-600x450With Miyazaki’s final film, The Wind Rises, having been reviewed here last year, I have been waiting; as I assume all fans of Studio Ghibli have been doing, for what could be possibly Isao Takahata’s final foray into filmmaking, and perhaps ever so slight more frightening, the second to last Studio Ghibli film that may ever be released. Continue reading “The Tale of the Princess Kaguya – An Outstanding Dying Art”

Febookuary – Kitchen – And So Life Goes

kitchen1So now we move on from a book that seemingly everyone has read to one that people do not have the foggiest idea as to what it’s about. Seriously, for a bestselling novel, it seems barely anyone beyond Japan seem to have heard of Banana Yoshimoto or her work. Hopefully this review will do justice to her work while bringing her notice beyond that of Japan. Continue reading “Febookuary – Kitchen – And So Life Goes”

The Wind Rises – Making Something Beautiful

THE-WIND-RISESWell I never intended for these DreamWorks reviews to be a biweekly thing, but that’s how it’s somehow turned out. I was about to break this cycle and put up my review of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron today, but something prevented me and, if you read the title, I think you can guess what it was.

It’s the first time I’ve reviewed a film that is still being shown in the cinema at time of reviewing since About Time and what a film to bring me back from reviewing films from years gone by. I’m a bit of a Studio Ghibli fan and when I heard that Hayao Miyazaki’s possibly final film The Wind Rises was screening near me I knew what this Wednesday’s review was going to be.

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Norwegian Wood – Quintessential Quirkiness

norwegian-woodHaving thought this would be the mainstay of my blogging material, it is weird to think that my blog has been around for five months now, and this will be my first literary review. I guess what we end up writing about is sort of beyond our control and while I love doing my film, game, and occasional random article about what’s happening with me in my life, it’ has been bugging me that I haven’t done a review on a decent book yet. But now I’m breaking that trend and I’m finally reviewing a book, a book I had no intention of being the first book I reviewed, but what do you know, life changed what I would write about again.

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The Wolverine – Marvel at the Simplicity

the-wolverine-posterOk, I was going to have my first non-review post and rant about the Royal Baby that appears to have taken up all the news in the UK at the moment for no particular reason. I mean seriously, it’s a baby, there were loads born that day as well and they did not get into the news. It’s such a non-story that really does not matter at all and I’d hate to think people think all British people love the Monarchy and therefore love this Royal Baby. Trust me, not all of us do. On that note I went to do something more worthwhile with my time, so I went to see the new X-Men installment, The Wolverine.

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