Febookuary – The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – Both Pleasing and Vile

Jekyll_and_Hyde_TitleWell here we are: the final week of Febookuary and only three reviews to go. Damn the momentum has been hard to keep up, with last week being a great example. Hopefully we can all forget about that with this review of one of the most well-known horror characters in fiction, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. So quick, let us transform into that ghastly and repetitive of things, the obligatory overview! Continue reading “Febookuary – The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – Both Pleasing and Vile”

Serena – Something for Valentine’s Day

ImageSo February has arrived upon us once more and the waft of surface deep romance begins to blow in our direction. The TV tells us it is time to buy chocolates and flowers for our loved ones; the radio plays “Love is in the Air”, “I Will Always Love You”, and other brain deadening ditties that will leave you foolishly believing in love’s brilliance and splendour to such an extent that you may even find things so wholly contemptible in other circumstances enjoyable, like walking through a sewer, having your thumb sawn off or listening for any amount of time to Ricky Gervais.

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The Last of Us -Awesomeness Analysed

TheLastOfUs-8If you have been hiding under a rock with plugged ears singing lalalalala you may not have heard of The Last of Us taking the gaming world by storm with some even seeing it as Naughty Dog’s Magnum Opus. And yeah, you could even get away with saying that because having played it; I’ll admit it is pure awesomeness in disc form. Having been waiting over a year for this game, it had a lot of hype to live up to and it does, it really does. The plot, the absolutely stunning artwork, the voice cast, the look of the characters, their personalities, the enemies, and so on and so on. However for what is meant to be gaming perfection, there is still much that I found lacking in what this game could have brought to the table. Just to be clear these are niggles that I have and does not mean that people shouldn’t buy this game. You should. In fact if you haven’t you are either mentally diseased or an Xbox player, for which you have really, really missed out.

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The Purge: Brilliance Just Out of Reach

poster1The Purge is set in the not too distant future in America where, under the “New Founding Fathers”, for 12 hours between June 7th and June 8th, all laws are suspended and all help withheld, allowing everyone the opportunity to purge their negative emotions on one day with the goal being that of maintaining low unemployment and crime levels throughout the rest of the year.

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