Febookuary – Burmese Days – An “Inferior” Tale

Burmese_daysAs the old cliché goes, better late than never I guess. I apologise to, I estimate, all three of you who were eagerly awaiting the Burmese Days review on Monday and found nothing but the blankness of my writing failures. That and my review of Colorless Tsukuru. I had been busy as of late and, while I could have avoided such tardiness by planning ahead and writing my review in advance, I was a bit too lethargic on that score and am now in the situation of having to write at least three reviews very quickly. Continue reading “Febookuary – Burmese Days – An “Inferior” Tale”

Febookuary – Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage – Possibly the Longest Title I Have Read in a While

murakami-coverI can’t believe it. It’s finally happening. Not only have I reached halfway in Febookuary but I’ve completely sold out and I’m reviewing another Haruki Murakami novel just because I can! If you don’t know I reviewed Murakami’s excellent Norwegian Wood back in 2013, when my blog was still young and untainted by the harsh reality of my addiction to writing and themed posts. Continue reading “Febookuary – Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage – Possibly the Longest Title I Have Read in a While”

Febookuary – Kitchen – And So Life Goes

kitchen1So now we move on from a book that seemingly everyone has read to one that people do not have the foggiest idea as to what it’s about. Seriously, for a bestselling novel, it seems barely anyone beyond Japan seem to have heard of Banana Yoshimoto or her work. Hopefully this review will do justice to her work while bringing her notice beyond that of Japan. Continue reading “Febookuary – Kitchen – And So Life Goes”

My Plan for 2015

Hello there! I hope you’ve been enjoying the New Year so far, getting over hangovers, feeling that extra bit of flab develop round your belly, already breaking your New Year’s Resolution.

Well here at The Chronic Chronicler, I have my own resolution. My resolution this year is to not have any form of hiatus that has plagued me sine this blog’s inception. A tough challenge I know, but I have a way to help me keep posting.

Continue reading “My Plan for 2015”