Tearaway Unfolded – A Personally Crafted Experience

81BMqKqbJKL._SL1500_Sometimes come out of nowhere and burrow themselves into your brain, constantly pressing itself against your hippocampus so that you constantly think about until you finally break down in tears and rush to the nearest shop/computer and buy it to stop the incessant nagging on your cranial lobes. Tearaway Unfolded is one such game and, just to get my bias out of the way right now before people accusing me of it, yes I am reviewing Rex Crowle’s game after hyping up his Kickstarter game Knights and Bikes, but so what?!

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Child of Light – Pleasant or Repellent?

2624132-2766761797-ChildSo on May 5th I was browsing my WordPress feed when I stumbled upon something familiar. It was review by Pixel Vallee on the game Child of Light. It was weird seeing the name again, having to ponder where I had heard it from for a while before realisation hit me a ton of bricks with a further ton of bricks hitting mere seconds after the first load made connection with my skull.

I had mentioned it myself in my Far Cry 3 review, giving it much praise in comparison for my rather lukewarm, at best, reception of the highly rated run around shooting everything in sight like crazy game.

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Far Cry 3 – A Far Cry from Greatness

So whilst venturing the internet as we all so regularly do nowadays, I came across the news that Far Cry 3 director, Patrick Plourde, is creating a new RPG game with Ubisoft based around the premise of that time long honoured traditions of games – a princess- called Child of Light. However this princess is the playable character and not some convenient damsel in distress for plumbers to rescue.

The Princess, Aurora, is a girl (shocks there) who falls ill and her soul is transported to the magical kingdom of Lemuria. ImageThere the Black Queen has stolen the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, which in my mind sounds like a band releasing their first single, and Aurora (yes, if you realised it there is a lot of celestial stuff going on with names and plots) must find the missing light sources, defeat the Black Queen (from reaching No.1) and save Lemuria.

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