Target Demographics Can Be Wrong

As always this bog makes brilliant points and I couldn’t agree more with this one. Have a read and follow them if you haven’t already! Oh, and I will try to do some reviews at some point, in case you thought I had vanished into the ether.

Lady Geek Girl and Friends

There is so much great geek media out there to enjoy: movies, video games, television—the list goes on. It is my solemn belief that these are art forms, and deserve all the discussion we give them, from the critical (like representation) to the mundane (shipping). The range of topics shows how much these art forms resonate with audiences. But to more effectively have these discussions, I think it is important not to dismiss shows with a younger target demographic.


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Angel Beats!: An Anime About The Afterlife Influenced By Different Religions

Because I love anime and I have an interest in religion, despite not believing in any or any God myself, I thought you should all have a look at this. Be sure to share it round, leave loads of comments and of course, click the like button if you found it enjoyable!

Lady Geek Girl and Friends

Angel Beats! Title CardAs I continue brooding about life and true happiness, I can’t help but think about the anime series Angel Beats! After re-watching the show for the eighth time, I realized just how often the characters’ thoughts about religion (and the afterlife) affect what happens in the plot. While the story occurs in a world considered the afterlife, how they choose to pass on (or stay in limbo) is affected greatly on different belief systems. From Buddhism to Christianity, the characters believe in different icons or principles from these religions and make a lot of assumptions about this world because of their beliefs.

Spoilers after the jump!

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Stop and Smell the Flowers…

A really, really good review on a manga that I’m more than likely going to end up buying, that or watch the anime. Probably both! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this article!

The Vault Publication

Aoi Hana, or Sweet Blue Flowers, is an example of a well-defined manga. It’s not open ended since the manga finished in July of 2013, but as there are certainly enough other ongoing manga series for fans to keep up with, it’s quite refreshing to take a break and read a completed manga. There are eight volumes, but as I read, they seemed to fly by.  There is also an anime available with the same name, for all you who would perhaps prefer to watch rather than read Aoi Hana.


Aoi Hana follows our hero Manjoume Fumi through high school. Fumi is an interesting protagonist, as are most of the characters in Aoi Hana. Fumi is tall, with glasses and long dark hair. If you’re a yuri fan, you might think to yourself, “Ah, so she’s that type.” But Fumi isn’t stereotypically tsundere or tough, or spectacularly smart or bookish, and…

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On the Retirement of Hayao Miyazaki – Ben Clark

I’m a lover of anime and I think all those who love, don’t love, and are indifferent to it should read this wonderful essay on why you should watch Studio Ghibli films.


It is a misunderstood culture. You will never find a more wretched hive of body odor and social awkwardness than at the conventions. The clubs are the toddler-fenced play space for would-be autocrats. Every fan seems to be wearing a garish costume and haphazardly tossing foreign words into his speech (fitting the pronoun, the fans are predominately male). America has embraced Comic-Con; that is, sexy people like Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron can go there without having to fear anything more than adoring fans, let alone social disgrace. But will we embrace anime? And why should we?

Hayao Miyazaki recently retired from making feature films. The goal here is to persuade you to care, if you don’t already, but first to try to determine why you might not care at the moment.

Miyazaki-san is the co-founder of Studio Ghibli, which is, in essence, the Pixar of East Asia (so Pixar-like…

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Our Children Are Colourblind (and we should ABSOLUTELY try to keep them that way).

A friend of mine posted this blog the other day and I think you should all have a read of it. And follow her, she puts some brilliant posts on her blog.

Fatshion Hustlings

Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I’ll be watching YouTube videos and eventually gravitate towards some of my old favourites. This evening/early morning, it was the React videos, by the Fine Bros. After watching YouTubers react to Best Song Ever, Teens React to Blurred Lines and Kids React to The Beatles, I got to Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial.

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