A Very Special No-English Moviember Announcement

Hello there! I hope you are all doing wonderfully with whatever you’re doing and that you have been in awe of my productive output as of late. I mean two parts in as many weeks! And this is technicallt my third! God, I’m on a role! Reminds me of the good old days when I posted regular. You remember those days? All the way back in 2014? We were so stupid back then, when we were marginally younger. Ah, such sweet memories.

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Well, That Happened…

followed-blog-200-2xApparently I have 201 followers. I’ll just check that again so bear with me…………………………..yeah I’ve got 201 followers.


Sorry I didn’t do  this when I hit 200, but I genuinely hadn’t noticed until yesterday. Thank you to everyone who has followed me despite my lack of output lately. I hope you’ve been enjoying reading this blog and look forward to this blog’s future posts!

Just to Say…

2000px-Gay_flag.svgWell done America, you’ve finally allowed gay marriage in all 50 States. Give yourself a pat on the back, but remember ther’s always more work to be done and, looking at America at the moment, some of it needs to be done sharpish. Celebrate today, but remember there’s still so much work to do tomorrow. Also, just a quick message to Northern Ireland: please pass same-sex marriage. It’s not hard, or controversial, it’s a matter of equality, so please do the right thing.

Oh and, err, reviews… I knew there was something I’d forgotten. They’ll be coming soon… hopefully.