The Unfinished Swan – The Complete Package

the-unfinished-swan-1I seem to be more and more inclined to turn away from the big games that have been released since the inception of the new consoles. I mean I jumped on Dragonball: Xenoverse as if it were a disgraceful youth putting a dying animal out of its misery with my size eight feet and I’m incredibly stoked for Star Wars: Battlefront, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Fallout 4 and a whole host of games that have fallen prey to the recent trend of colon-isation and sequelisation. Continue reading “The Unfinished Swan – The Complete Package”

Ratchet and Clank – It’s Qwarktastic!

RatcehtandclankeuropeI apologise for being gone for a while, what with work, the World Cup and so on. You know all the usual excuses. But I’ve got a day off so I’m taking the time to write this review I’ve been meaning to do since January.

Thanks to The Otaku Judge’s wonderful suggestion, a blog you really should check out if you love all that is anime, I shall be reviewing all my Ratchet & Clank games. This may take a while but I hope you stick with me because Ratchet & Clank are worth it! OK, not let’s get to that ever present obligatory overview of the very first Ratchet & Clank game.

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Far Cry 3 – A Far Cry from Greatness

So whilst venturing the internet as we all so regularly do nowadays, I came across the news that Far Cry 3 director, Patrick Plourde, is creating a new RPG game with Ubisoft based around the premise of that time long honoured traditions of games – a princess- called Child of Light. However this princess is the playable character and not some convenient damsel in distress for plumbers to rescue.

The Princess, Aurora, is a girl (shocks there) who falls ill and her soul is transported to the magical kingdom of Lemuria. ImageThere the Black Queen has stolen the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, which in my mind sounds like a band releasing their first single, and Aurora (yes, if you realised it there is a lot of celestial stuff going on with names and plots) must find the missing light sources, defeat the Black Queen (from reaching No.1) and save Lemuria.

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ibb and obb – Inventive and Outraging

ibb and obb feels a bit peculiar on first glance, and makes you wonder whether it’ll be worth the price tag. But in all seriousness, ibb and obb is one of the finest co-op games we have played in a long, long time.

Imageibb and obb is a puzzle platformer which follows the linear adventure of ibb, a small green blob with legs, and obb, a slightly larger pink blob with legs. ibb and obb must traverse a linear path past many frustrating and diverse puzzles, many of which will make you scratch your head in confusion.

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The Last of Us -Awesomeness Analysed

TheLastOfUs-8If you have been hiding under a rock with plugged ears singing lalalalala you may not have heard of The Last of Us taking the gaming world by storm with some even seeing it as Naughty Dog’s Magnum Opus. And yeah, you could even get away with saying that because having played it; I’ll admit it is pure awesomeness in disc form. Having been waiting over a year for this game, it had a lot of hype to live up to and it does, it really does. The plot, the absolutely stunning artwork, the voice cast, the look of the characters, their personalities, the enemies, and so on and so on. However for what is meant to be gaming perfection, there is still much that I found lacking in what this game could have brought to the table. Just to be clear these are niggles that I have and does not mean that people shouldn’t buy this game. You should. In fact if you haven’t you are either mentally diseased or an Xbox player, for which you have really, really missed out.

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