Mirror’s Edge – On the Brink of Something

headerMirror’s Edge seems to be one of those games that I spent so much time umming and ahhing over whether to buy I’m surprised my bones hadn’t turned to dust. You’d hear someone talking it up like a new religion or fad diet and then you’d get another person, almost always two metres away from you who would should quite loudly that it was about as enjoyable as listening to Rebecca Black’s Friday on repeat for ten hours. So fairly mixed reviews then.

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A Bird Story – Silently Superb

0I apologise for two things before I start this review. Firstly, and this might seem a bit weird, but I apologise for the fact I am creating a break in my so far complete list of No-English Moviember posts. I know it seems weird but I shall look back at this with a slight pain in my festering heart that I broke the chain of No-English Moviember reviews.

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Child of Light – Pleasant or Repellent?

2624132-2766761797-ChildSo on May 5th I was browsing my WordPress feed when I stumbled upon something familiar. It was review by Pixel Vallee on the game Child of Light. It was weird seeing the name again, having to ponder where I had heard it from for a while before realisation hit me a ton of bricks with a further ton of bricks hitting mere seconds after the first load made connection with my skull.

I had mentioned it myself in my Far Cry 3 review, giving it much praise in comparison for my rather lukewarm, at best, reception of the highly rated run around shooting everything in sight like crazy game.

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Fez – Retro, Puzzling, Brilliant

Fez_(video_game)_cover_artFor those of you that are perhaps uninitiated in the world of gaming, Fez may have passed you by and that is forgivable. For those who do consider themselves gamers and have not at least heard of Fez, then shame on you. For Fez is, for lack of a better description, wholly immersive.

Fez, a retro-styled puzzle platformer, is the story of Gomez, a little blob person with a head that really shouldn’t be supported by his body, lives in a peaceful 2D village with other blob people. However, Gomez sees the breakup of a massive golden hexahedron which causes the very fabric of his world to begin tearing itself apart.

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