A Very Special No-English Moviember Announcement

Hello there! I hope you are all doing wonderfully with whatever you’re doing and that you have been in awe of my productive output as of late. I mean two parts in as many weeks! And this is technicallt my third! God, I’m on a role! Reminds me of the good old days when I posted regular. You remember those days? All the way back in 2014? We were so stupid back then, when we were marginally younger. Ah, such sweet memories.

But I’m afraid I have some bad news. Things have gotten a little hectic of late and so, despite my best efforts, I will not be able to produce a No-English Moviember review next Monday.

Now please don’t cry. You may oer may not be in public and that’d beembarrassing. Yes No-English Moviember will not be present next week but I guarantee you that this will be a one time event. Things just crept up on me. I meant to have all the reviews done in October ready for this month and, while I don’t want to make excuses, I could never find enough time to just sit down, watch the films, then write the reviews. For that I’m deeply sorry.

However don’t fret as No-English Moviember will return on Monday 23rd and will conclude on Monday 30th with what I hope will be some extraordinary reviews.

But for the two per cent of a already small readership feels outraged by this flagrant disregard for their foreign film needs, then why not write to The Chronic Chronicler with your own review! Just send it to chronicchronicler2@gmail.com and you could see your very own work featured here with yourself credit as a most fabulous guest contributor!

This applies all the time any and all guest contributions are welcome but why miss out on such a glorious opportunity to be apart of the world renowned No-English Moviember annual series!

Thanks for being an understanding readership/vengeful mob who gas yet to find me. I’ll see you all in two weeks time with my reviews and who knows, you may surprise me and contribute. Or better yet, do No-English Moviember reviews on your own blogs and link me to them! That would make me so happy! Anywa, see you all on the 23rd!

Also apologises for any poor spelling. This is my first post ever written on a tablet so I’m getting used to s keyboard that doesn’t click and ckack loudly as I type.

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