Angel Beats!: An Anime About The Afterlife Influenced By Different Religions

Because I love anime and I have an interest in religion, despite not believing in any or any God myself, I thought you should all have a look at this. Be sure to share it round, leave loads of comments and of course, click the like button if you found it enjoyable!

Lady Geek Girl and Friends

Angel Beats! Title CardAs I continue brooding about life and true happiness, I can’t help but think about the anime series Angel Beats! After re-watching the show for the eighth time, I realized just how often the characters’ thoughts about religion (and the afterlife) affect what happens in the plot. While the story occurs in a world considered the afterlife, how they choose to pass on (or stay in limbo) is affected greatly on different belief systems. From Buddhism to Christianity, the characters believe in different icons or principles from these religions and make a lot of assumptions about this world because of their beliefs.

Spoilers after the jump!

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5 thoughts on “Angel Beats!: An Anime About The Afterlife Influenced By Different Religions

  1. The Otaku Judge

    A decent show. I think it’s strongest when it concentrates on the emotional parts over comedy. Shame it didn’t have more episodes as I would have liked to have learned more about the other characters who didn’t get much screen time.

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    1. That’s fine, not all art forms are for everyone. I love anime, but it doesn’t mean I love all anime. The tropes wear on me, i.e.: fan service and beach episodes, and some animes are too awful or just too cringe inducing to watch. But anime encompasses a great many genres with both serious and powerful, and light and goofy, all in the mix of things. I’d recommend Angel Beats, it’s a comedy-romance but has a deeper subtext so you might like it. But then again, I may be wrong. 🙂


      1. drakulus23

        Comedy is another thing I don’t like :]. Romances are always cheesy.

        If I watch a show it has to be something with real people in it. I love Criminal Minds, The Following, Dexter, etc.

        I might check it out when I have nothing better to do :].


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