My 1st Anniversary for The Chronic Chronicler!

Well I didn’t expect this. On Monday 2nd June 2014, an odd thing occurred. If you have keep-calm-it-s-our-first-anniversaryread the title of the article then you might have just about guessed what this is about. I have, amazingly, managed to keep this blog going for a year. That frankly has astonished me, yet what has astonished me more is that people have read this blog, given me feedback and showed their support by following this blog. So in honour of this milestone I shall host a completely not-fake interview with distinguished interviewer Sir James Tal.

Tal: Chronic Chronicler, when did you first come across WordPress and decided to start a blog?

Chronicler: Well Tal, I first came across WordPress in 9th March 2013 as I saw my friend who goes by the WordPress name The Celluloid Sage when he did a review of the film Robot & Frank. I had already been reviewing films, TV shows and games for my University’s paper Forge Press and thought that if I started my own blog, then maybe I could improve my writing.

I didn’t officially create my blog until April 13th under the name The Flat Cap Reviewer. I subsequently forgot about it until I reviewed The Purge for Forge Press before the end of my second year of University and had also agreed to review Man of Steel for them when it came out. I reviewed them, but then I remembered my blog.

I thought I might as well try and expand my readership beyond the confines of University and see if my writings were of any quality. And so on June 2nd 2013, I put up The Purge for the world to see and it all started from there.

Tal: I see, and tell me, why were you called The Flat Cap Reviewer?

Chronicler: I did a review for a book I had on Amazon once and that was the name I used so I decided to continue it for lack of a better name. But after a while I thought the name wasn’t really good enough so I decided to change it to something more newspaper-y. I was going to just call myself The Chronicler, but in the end I decided to go with The Chronic Chronicler because it sounded cool and the word chronic just isn’t used enough. That and the fact that I just love alliteration. And lo and behold, The Chronic Chronicler was born.

Tal: Interesting. Now, have you had any troubles in writing The Chronic Chronicler?

Chronicler: To begin with yes. After I wrote about The Purge and Man of Steel I genuinely thought that that would be the end of the blog. I hadn’t even considered writing about anything outside of uploading things I was writing solely for Forge Press. But then sporting mania occurred in Britain as it only can with Wimbledon.

I’m not a big tennis fan, but everyone was going on about how Andy Murray would win it for Britain this time and I just wanted everyone to stop talking about it. But then while I was perusing the TV Guide, I saw a film called Wimbledon being shown on Film4. Seeing it starred Paul Bettany, an actor I enjoyed in the The Da Vinci Code, I thought it might be worth a watch. Well,  at least worth watching over actually watching Wimbledon.

I watched it and, in fairness, it was an alright film. I had its flaws but it was that very British non-offensive sort of film that you could watch whilst browsing on the internet or doing the ironing. It had certainly been a joyous reminder that films could be good after the horror of Man of Steel. But then, out of nowhere, I thought “I could review this”. And from then I haven’t been able to stop myself from thinking that and the need to show the brilliance and awfulness of the things we enjoy.

Tal: I see. What would you consider to be your break out moment in terms of blogging?

Chronicler: Mostly likely it came from three articles I published around August and September. Pacific Rim, Far Cry 3 and Dragonball: Evolution. Pacific Rim and Far Cry 3 got me a few more hits than I usually did, as well as more comments and followers so it felt quite good. But then the slow burner was Dragonball: Evolution. It really didn’t attract any attention when it first came out, but after a few months attention for it just seem to balloon and has led it to being my most read article by a country mile.

Tal: Do you ever feel some articles go under the radar while other seem to grab all the attention?

Chronicler: Yes I do to be honest. While I enjoyed utterly destroying the atrociousness that is Dragonball: Evolution, there are times when I feel that there are other articles that I had a lot more fun writing yet they get nowhere near the love than Dragonball: Evolution. But that is how it goes I suppose.

Tal: What do you think your most ignored works are?

Chronicler: While there are some film reviews that haven’t got a lot of love like Wilde, Monsters University and The Wind Rises, I feel like my game and book reviews do not get the same recognition as my film and TV reviews. If people don’t read them that is fine, I really enjoy doing those reviews. But occasionally I wish they’d get a bit more of a look in.

Tal: What has surprised you most about doing this blog?

Chronicler: Purely the fact I’ve managed to get followers at all. I’m amazed that, at the time of this interview, I have 124 followers! It’s just amazing. My target was to get 20 followers by the end of the first year. That feels a bit of an underestimation in hindsight but I still can’t believe how well things have gone.

I also get astonished when people say nice things about my blog, both online and in person. It’s been quite humbling to know people read whatever I have to say about some thing or another and they enjoy it. It makes me feel happy.

Tal: What annoys you most about your blog?

Chronicler: One thing that I would like to ask my followers to do is, when you see an article you like to read, don’t just read it on the Home Page, actually click on it! I get a little frustrated at this when I get articles that register likes but have got no views because people don’t actually go into the article. So if you read it, please click the article so it registers. It’s a small gripe but I’ll be glad if you indulge me.

Tal: What are your plans for the future of The Chronic Chronicler?

Chronicler: Well in the short term I’ll be finishing off my traditional DreamWorks reviews by having Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas out by next week. From then on, I’ll try and keep reviews coming out on a weekly basis, with a book or game review maybe coming out on a Monday or if I’ve not got any films I want to talk about.

One thing I’d definitely like to do is to do a review series on my Ratchet & Clank games. I asked for review suggestions in December and The Otaku Judge kindly suggested it. I’ve been busy with other things so it’ll be good to write them and get my game reviewing profile up a bit. But I’m always open to suggestions on what I should review.

I’m also looking to improve the blog page so I can have separate pages for different types of reviews. But I’m not that technologically able so it may take a while. But if anyone knows how to do that please tell me!

Tal: Thank you Chronicler.

Chronicler: No problem.

Well that was my not very professional or real interview with Sir James Tal, I hope you enjoyed it though. If you want to ask me real questions then by all means do so and if you’ve got review suggestions then by means ask suggest away. Thank you so much for all for helping make this blog what it is today. You are all awesome!

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