Gunman Clive – Watch Out! There are Ducks About!

It’s hard not to love platform games. Growing up as we have, or at least I have and quite sporadically at best, with Mario, Sonic, ImageDonkey Kong, Mega Man and all those other retro games, it is hard not to get a pang of nostalgia when a side-scrolling platformer comes along, even if the game is a one man production.

Gunman Clive, a standard side-scrolling platformer set in the Wild West pits you in that all too familiar setup. Ms Johnson is captured by bandits and you, Gunman Clive, must battle bandits, wildlife and a fantastic array of fantastical bosses to rescue the damsel in distress. Sound familiar? Well don’t worry, if you decide to flip the stereotype, you can play as Ms Johnson and save Clive instead. And who said games don’t have gender equality?

Clearly having been influenced from Mega Man, Gunman Clive has a wide array of obstacles and enemies to overcome. Seriously, everything is an enemy in this game. Do you know what are counted as enemies in this game? You might be able to guess from the title of this article. Ducks. That’s right. Ducks. Touch them and you lose life. Make sense? Thought not. Does it matter? Hell no! This game is filled with ludicrous moments that’ll make you sit up and pay attention to this relatively small game, from duck enemies, to a wide range of gun upgrades (including lasers, obviously), to a space level where you ride on a rocket (!), and the ever present jumping on disappearing/reappearing platforms.

A Train Monster. Need I say more?

But then again, you’ll have to be awake to play this game as one slip up in a level sends you straight back to the beginning of said level with all the weapon upgrades you have picked up along the way being lost too. For those adept at gaming, this shouldn’t be a problem as the levels are quite short, but for those who are prone to dying, this will cause many rage quits but, as all brilliant and addictive games do, it’ll make you come back for more. Its familiar style, varied level types and simplistic art style make you want to just beat that level and then you’ll call it a day. Fat chance of that!

For such a cheap game at £1.59 on Steam, although it is also available on Nintendo 3DS and iOS/Android, it is a worthwhile purchase with so much replay value (try Duck Mode if you’re brave). You can be safely assured that Gunman Clive is a good way to cheer up those dissertation blues, or at least get you frustrated at something else. And to those who don’t have dissertations to do, play it anyway, it will be fun regardless.  Not bad for a one man production.

Bloody Ducks.

Thanks again to all you lovely people for taking your time to read my small article. You can tell I’m dying to come out of hiatus properly since articles keep popping up despite myself. Please like, share and comment and, if you feel so obliged, follow me here as well as my Facebook page and on Twitter!

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