Heroes: Reborn – Oh We Can Be Heroes… Just For One Day

If ever there was a moment whether the compulsion to laugh or cry is confused, this is certainly it. With this whole fad of reboots and revivals of films and TV shows in recent years (i.e.: RoboCop, Man of Steel, Hawaii Five-0, 24, etc.), Heroes, the amazing show with a different perspective on superheroes, or rather super-powered people, which subsequently deteriorated quicker than M. Night Shyamalan’s career, is back once again on NBC for a thirteen episode miniseries set to run in 2015 as Heroes: Reborn.

OK I’m sorry I’m a bit late with this news as I’ve been busy and I was really tempted not to say anything on this since I’m supposed to be on hiatus, but it’s Heroes so the inner recesses of my blackened and bile filled remnants of my critic heart where a smidgen of love for the series resides is making me do this. But if you haven’t heard of this revival of the famous, or infamous, super-powered TV show, here’s a trailer.

Very informative wasn’t it?

I think that we are all agreed that, whether you were or were not a fan of Heroes, resurrecting Heroes for one last hurrah is a risky move. They can either redeem a one-time beacon of televisual brilliance or further condemn it to the furthest, darkest recesses of our minds, yet the former is something that appears a more desirable, and perhaps, attainable goal.

Yet Heroes had something that many other series don’t have in order to kick start a successful revival: potential. With new writers and directors, although with series creator Tim Kring still in the wings as an Executive Producer, it seems somewhat safe to say, although rather tentatively, that Heroes’ potential greatness can be salvaged, although much work will need to be done.

Heroes may have become a shambolic mess that even left the dreaded Sylar as a figure of ridicule, but perhaps a new start can give this fantastically interesting concept of evolutionary superpowers the redemption it so desperately deserves. Whether they attempt to cobble the old storylines into the new miniseries, or completely reject them in favour of a fresh start, remains to be seen, but what can be guaranteed is 2015 is going to be an interesting year.

So what do you think of the news that Heroes is back for a miniseries? Are you excited? Horrified? Really couldn’t care? Is the phrase “Save the Cheerleader. Save the World” on your lips? Please tell me all of your supportive/critical/can’t-be-arsed opinions in the comments below. Also if you feel you life would be empty without my musing on all things cinematic and paperback, please follow me here and on Facebook and on Twitter.

5 thoughts on “Heroes: Reborn – Oh We Can Be Heroes… Just For One Day

  1. I enjoyed reading this despite having never watched a minute if heroes! It is on lovefilm so I could watch it, but should I? If it did completely fall flat on its face despite starting ever so high then maybe I should avoid the massive fall from grace. I guess I have to watch all the other episodes in order to enjoy the new mini-series.


    1. Hello there! I would definitely watch the entire series as, although the quality declines and some plot lines get lost in the confusion, it still has some good quality pervading throughout. If you aren’t convinced, definitely watch the first series as it is by far the best and should, hopefully, be the source of inspiration for Heroes: Reborn.


  2. The Otaku Judge

    Unlike other trailers I can safely say that that one doesn’t spoil anything ha ha. I don’t have strong feelings either way about this news. Heroes sounded like a cool show, but I never watched it after hearing how poor the followup seasons were.


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