Stop and Smell the Flowers…

A really, really good review on a manga that I’m more than likely going to end up buying, that or watch the anime. Probably both! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this article!

The Vault Publication

Aoi Hana, or Sweet Blue Flowers, is an example of a well-defined manga. It’s not open ended since the manga finished in July of 2013, but as there are certainly enough other ongoing manga series for fans to keep up with, it’s quite refreshing to take a break and read a completed manga. There are eight volumes, but as I read, they seemed to fly by.  There is also an anime available with the same name, for all you who would perhaps prefer to watch rather than read Aoi Hana.


Aoi Hana follows our hero Manjoume Fumi through high school. Fumi is an interesting protagonist, as are most of the characters in Aoi Hana. Fumi is tall, with glasses and long dark hair. If you’re a yuri fan, you might think to yourself, “Ah, so she’s that type.” But Fumi isn’t stereotypically tsundere or tough, or spectacularly smart or bookish, and…

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2 thoughts on “Stop and Smell the Flowers…

  1. The Otaku Judge

    Hopefully the longer manga is better than the anime. I watched it, after a friend recommended it to me, but it bored me to tears.


    1. I’ve not seen the anime or read the manga in all honesty, but after reading The Vault’s review I’ll at least give it a try. But you never know, either I’ll find it to be a good anime or I’ll be trying to remain conscious.


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