ibb and obb – Inventive and Outraging

ibb and obb feels a bit peculiar on first glance, and makes you wonder whether it’ll be worth the price tag. But in all seriousness, ibb and obb is one of the finest co-op games we have played in a long, long time.

Imageibb and obb is a puzzle platformer which follows the linear adventure of ibb, a small green blob with legs, and obb, a slightly larger pink blob with legs. ibb and obb must traverse a linear path past many frustrating and diverse puzzles, many of which will make you scratch your head in confusion.

The developers came out and clearly stated that this is a game designed for co-op, and there really is no other way to play this game. While there is a single player function, it is as hard as sin to tackle alone. When you are trying to avoid death whilst controlling two characters, the puzzles go from hard but negotiable to just completely disheartening. However, even if you don’t have a friend to play along with, you can have a go at solving the puzzles with someone else online.

So unless you revel in the challenge of single player, co-op mode is much more manageable to do. It is still hard as the variety of levels can be a real brain teaser, making use of different kinds of portals, pressure pads, physics puzzles and spiked enemies. And just to make the game a little harder, if one character dies the other also dies seconds later, and you must start again. The game only saves when you make it past each level, with no checkpoints in between, so if you leave the level before the end, it’ll put you back right at the beginning. What joy.


But you know what, who cares? This game is so enjoyable in its own annoying way. You might die more than any other game, yet still you will pursue with the game until you have unlocked and cracked all of the puzzles. The music is joyous, and the artwork has a minimalistic brilliance which has to be admired.

ibb and obb is frustrating, but in the same way Portal 2’s co-op was frustrating. It makes you want to beat the game, not turn it off in anger. Definitely a game to buy if you want a brain teaser (and pleaser).

2 thoughts on “ibb and obb – Inventive and Outraging

    1. That’s why you can always go online and play! Don’t worry about not having the brain power by the way. I’m not too good at these sort of puzzle games but it’s still fun to have a crack at it. Also, if you are really stuck and fancy a bit of cheating, you can always go on YouTube and check out people’s walk through of the game! Also, thank you for the compliment!


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